“contract of foreign service” means a contract of service made within Zambia for entering into contracts prescribed by the law of the country of employment. Zambia Labour Laws. – Employment Act. – Employment (Special Provisions) Act. – Industrial and Labour Relations Act. – Industrial and Labour Relations. 7 Jul The Employment Act (Chapter of the Laws of Zambia) is the principal piece of legislation governing employee rights in Zambia.

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The normal weekly hours should not exceed 48 hours under the Minimum Wages and Conditions of Employment Act. The list of included occupations is too long to list in this article; however, most of the included occupations pertain to the retail sector and the Shop Worker’s Order, like the General Order, contains a long list of excluded occupations.

The amended Act makes it illegal for any employer to engage an employee on a casual basis for any job that was of a permanent zambian labour laws. Please contact customerservices lexology.

The Act also requires that maternity leave, for female employees, be paid up to 90 days provided such female employees have worked for a minimum of twenty four months with zambian labour laws employers.

Orders have been issued under the Minimum Wages and Conditions of Employment Act Chapter of the Laws of Zambia to provide for redundancy benefits for certain occupations. Probation Period Laws do not specify maximum zambian labour laws of probationary period.

Fixed Term Contracts Zambian labour Law does not allow hiring casual and fixed term workers for tasks of permanent nature. Insurance companies that offer pension schemes, include but not limited to:. The Act also obliges the employer to provide for a funeral grant for a standard coffin, cash and mealie meal in the event of death of an employee, spouse registered child or dependent of the employee.

Zambia Investment and Business. However, Part V of the Employment Act written contracts lacks a corresponding provision and is therefore entirely silent on redundancy. Under this Act various regulations may be promulgated with regard to labour and employment. Insurance companies zambian labour laws offer pension schemes, include but not limited to: The Minimum Wages and Conditions of Employment General Order, Statutory Instrument, No 2 of General Order provides that where an employee’s contract of service is terminated by reason of redundancy, the employee shall be entitled to at least one month’s zambian labour laws and redundancy benefits of not less than two months’ basic pay.


It is, however, a normal practice for employers to provide employees with more leave days than that laqs in the Act depending on the rank and nature of the employee’s job. However, the application of the General Order is limited to the following occupations: The record of contract must contain the following: Laws do not specify maximum duration of zambian labour laws period.

zambian labour laws

Employment Security

Where a casual employee continues to be employed after the expiration of 6 months, the employee ceases to be a casual employee and the contract is deemed to be a short term contract. Employment Labkur does not require contracts to zambian labour laws in writing unless required by this Act or some other law.

Redundancy in Zambian labour law Cliffe Dekker Hofmeyr. Zambian labour Law does not allow hiring casual and fixed term workers for tasks of permanent nature. Complete the salary questionnaire.

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Housing Transport Children’s medical and education Water, electricity, holiday travel usually for senior management staff All allowances are taxable at the same rate as the basic salary. The written contract is required in the case of contracts of six months or longer duration or contracts zambkan Foreign Service or for some specific tasks which is expected not to be completed within six zambian labour laws. Compare your Salary with colleagues Use our Salary Checker to see.

Section 26B of Part IV oral contracts defines the concept of redundancy and confers rights on employees who zambian labour laws terminated by reason of redundancy. My saved default Read later Folders shared with you. The Minimum Wage and Conditions of Work Act provides for mechanism for determining statutory minimum wages and other conditions of employment in industries or companies where conditions of employment zambian labour laws not regulated by a free collective bargaining system.

Redundancy in Zambian labour law – Lexology

This obligation on the part of the employer is in conformity with the International Labour Organisation Convention. The fixed term contract is defined as a contract of service for a period exceeding 12 months, renewable for a further term provided that the cumulative duration of successive fixed term contracts shall not exceed zambian labour laws period as zambian labour laws under the law.


The cumulative period as za,bian under regulations can be zambian labour laws altered by employers and workers under a collective agreement specifying the reasons for renewals of fixed term contracts. A written contract of service should not be binding on the family of an employee. All allowances zambian labour laws taxable at the same rate as the basic salary.

Welcome to lanour Official Ministry of Labour and Social Security website – Government of the Republic of Zambia This platform will zambian labour laws us to interact and share information with the members of the public on various issues regarding the Labour Market. Home Labour Law Employment Security.

We use cookies to customise content for your subscription and for analytics. A short term contract is defined as a contract of service of 6 months but not exceeding 12 months.

zambian labour laws

The Zambian Government understands that the most important resource in any given company is human capital and hence the need for employers to always maintain a sound relationship with their employees so has to enhance their productivity needed for the growth of the economy Zambian labour laws more.

Structure and Core Functions.

Office hours are normally from zambian labour laws The following types of contracts are not considered casualization: A written contract of service will include all particulars of an employee, employer, wages, place of work, etc. The Ministry of Labour and Social Security MLSS is one of the Government Institutions which plays a zambian labour laws role in the socio-economic recovery zambian labour laws of the country aimed at achieving sustainable economic growth and improving well being of Zambians.

In accordance with the Employment Act, there are two types of contracts only, i. If an employee zsmbian engaged on a short term contract and continues to be employed on expiry of this contract in excess of 12 monthsthe contract is deemed to be a fixed term contract.