11 Aug Warhammer Historical: Gladiator. My copy of Gladiator just came in the mail today. First impressions: It’s really nicely produced, like everything. Warhammer Historical “Gladiator”. House rules and tweaks by Alexander Kawczynski Close combat. Models fighting use. : Warhammer Historical: Gladiator () and a great selection of similar New, Used and Collectible Books available now at great.

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Carefully click on gladiator link and you are ok. Posted by J Jackaman at Though with a very heavy Gladiator theme in the details. Summary of the good: Thanks for this in depth review warhammer historical gladiator the Gladiator rules. Warhammer historical gladiator it a point-buy system like other Warhammer games? I’ll try to answer any questions, too.

[TMP] “Warhammer Historical Gladiator house rules and tweaks” Topic

Champions of the arena, are also allowed to appeal to the crowd for their freedom in fights wherethey have been victorious. Is there a way to handle this sort of thing with any sort of detail? Quality of the book is amazing, can’t wait warhammer historical gladiator get some minis and try warhammer historical gladiator out!

Two campaign modes, one where each player controls a single Gladiator trying to earn his freedom. In theory there is no difference between theory and practice.

It does feel like warhammer historical gladiator Gladiator game have no doubt.

There is also a free to download PDF with additional “barbarians in warhammer historical gladiator arena” profiles. Originally Posted by Cessna. The advanced rules also include morale checks if you want to attack wild animals or arena champions, slaves destined for execution in the arena also have more situations where morale is taken into account.

So if the defender roll a 4, and you roll a 1 and a 5 you only score 1 successful hit. You can download the PDF warhammer historical gladiator hassle through my blog: When I tried to view your file, it appears I have to also downloaded a file manager, is this correct?

warhammer historical gladiator That’s a thoroughly depressing “urinating on your fried potato warhammer historical gladiator reply isn’t it. My copy just arrived yesterday, I had a quick look to see what needed to be ordered and some Gladiators are now on their way.


There are also stats for condemned criminals, Roman legionaries, and all sorts of exotic animals. I warhammer historical gladiator have a lot of nitpicks with the product; it is pretty comprehensive, and while I’m not an expert on gladiators, Barry Hill warhammer historical gladiator to have done his research on the topic, and he has pointed out historical and archaeological evidence for most of the choices he has made and is very up-front about what is just educated guesswork.

My complaints And there are a few despite how fun this game is. The advanced rules are the ones I will stick to using. I’m curious how you think they compare. Playmobil makes a fully circular Roman gladiator warhammer historical gladiator.

Tomas Cummins February 18, at 3: All times are GMT Main chunk of the rules warhammer historical gladiator about regular Gladiator combat in the arena, with men and animals fighting, throw in some cavalry and chariots to top it off. Newer Post Older Post Home. The twist here is that you don’t really have point values to the profiles. The Warhammer Historical “Gladiator” rules are what you would expect if warhammer historical gladiator have played any of their other rules such as Legends of the Old West.

Chariots can crash in a spectacular manner, throwing the crew to the ground, same goes for cavalry. The rules for regular Gladiator combat All models in the game have certain stats. I like your tweaks too- so you’re saying that if a gladiator with 2 attacks wins the fight by high roll on 1 die- when you roll to wound you would only roll 1 die instead of his attack value?

The time now is Basically a tweaked and rewritten version of Lord of the Rings. Anatoli December 7, at In practice there is. Also, how do you determine who is in a fight? The added complexity is almost entirely contained within the optional advanced rules, including hit locations, rules for naval battles, chariot races, and Roman-style boxing matches. How extensive are these, does it seem as though it will be easy to make gladiators that are noticeably different in play style?

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I have large collection or a collection of large gladiators.

One tiny niggle is the regular use of “dwarves” instead of “dwarfs”, which struck me as odd when, IIRC, GW warhammer historical gladiator uses “Dwarfs” for their fantasy army instead of the Tolkien fantasy spelling. If the result is 10 or above he gets the “Thumb up”else he is dead. The rules list all the armor protection “types” available in the warhammer historical gladiator and how they are classed in Patentia value.

The rules are only warhammer historical gladiator page long, the other pages are filled with Skills and Perks that I wrote warhammer historical gladiator I was fond of that in Legends of the old West and the Gladiator rules lacked any such thing.

Unknown February 18, at 3: Newer Post Older Post Home. Say I want to re-do the classic “net and trident vs. But for the most part you aren’t going to manage the equipment of your Gladiators.

Not sure what you mean with warhammer historical gladiator managed. Fighting is just both players rolling D6 matching the number of attacks, the player who rolls highest wins the combat. Join our community of music lovers just now to flow with the music and make our shared music collection even more complete and exciting. The rules are not that plentiful which is good – but – some important stuff is dispersed all over the book and sometimes baked into the text which makes quick reference hard.

A simple D6 roll with various outcome, death from infected wounds, slow healing process or fully healed for the next battle.