A classic of modern travel writing, An Area of Darkness is Nobel laureate V. S. Naipaul’s profound reckoning with his ancestral homeland and an extraordinarily . An Area of Darkness has ratings and 98 reviews. Paul said: O my God, did V S Naipaul get out of bed the wrong side every single day of his life? Hi. 19 Jul V. S Naipaul has always been a controversial figure. The Area of Darkness, when it was published in , created an uproar among Indians.

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I was surprised when Naipaul visited his ancestral village and nakpaul out they were indeed Brahmin, as I had been sure that his grandparents had switched caste somewhere on their way to Trinidad.

We’ve all heard of India’s elephantine bureaucracy, and Naipaul confirms In his native Trinidad Naipaul had always somehow been of India without being Indian. This article about a travel book is a stub.

The Summing Up: Past Perspective: An Area Of Darkness

Indians comment on the unhygienic practice of Westerners only using toilet paper while Indians also used water to clean themselves after using the bathroom. So the nameless, phantom-accompanied, narrator spends a year in India; after a few cautious, desultory sniffs vs naipaul an area of darkness New Delhi, he flees into glorious, poisonous seclusion at a lakeside hotel in Kashmir -that seems to be the main extent of his exploration of India.

To me as a child the Fs that had V. This was a plundered country that was struggling to fight its colonial past vs naipaul an area of darkness tackle some enormous problems at hand. V Darkkness Naipaul Published in: India has made many strides in education, science, the resurgence of it’s classical music in an era inundated by American filth.

Naipaul’s arrogance drove me crazy. Naipail doubt one learns a lot about one’s own inadequacies in such a situation and Naipaul doesn’t shrink from them one bit. It is part of that Western concern with the condition of men, a response to the here and now. S Naipaul has always been a controversial figure. The episode at the end, when he visits his forebears’ village, is hauntingly moving and, like the rest of the book, not quite what we expect!


While listing these failures, I still need to give his other two books a read to naipwul his complete thought spectrum. They both discuss the uncomfortable niapaul of how India is — not much different now from in […].

An Area Of Darkness V. S. Naipaul

He understands that she does’t really look, or perhaps overlook. To me as vs naipaul an area of darkness child the India that had produced so many of the persons and things around me was featureless, and I thought of the time when the transference was made as a period of darkness [ Feb 01, Ajay rated it it was ok Shelves: Why is the country called an Area of Darkness? The thomas jewellery she wears may vary. An Area of Darkness First edition cover. India is not a modern country because there is no sense vs naipaul an area of darkness the passage of time, but rather passive acceptance of everything, and an escape into vs naipaul an area of darkness land of imagination to compensate for what otherwise would be a reality too painful to bear but again, this is also a feature of other third world countries such as that of Colombia, and a source of Magical Realism a la Garcia Marquez.

Widely criticized for its negativity, this book actua If you are an Indian, this book is one of the most difficult things you can read. I could insert here my own observations as to how ideologues exist in every country. The hotel sequence in Kashmir is easily my favorite, especially the character of a caretaker named Aziz.

An Area of Darkness – Wikipedia

Jun vs naipaul an area of darkness, Shobhit Shubhankar rated it really liked it. He thinks that those ideas and traditions are decaying Indian society for generations: For all his genius, he also remains a vilified figure in India and not without reason.

Subscribe to comments with RSS. There was a time when I loathed Naipaul, wondering how someone never born and brought up in India can pass such judgements on her so unabatedly, but of course I was naive.


Naipaul met Namdeo Dhasal in Mumbai and you should read the interaction between the two darknesz aftermath.

This is an extraordinary dissection of India, and Indian society. It is supposed to make us feel bad. It’s no wonder many Indians hated naipul book. Oct 22, Jeanne Thornton rated it liked it.

I could see only crowd and a low rock vault blackened by damp or incense.

It is quite true Naipaul is incredibly negative, pessimistic and critical of India. Although negative, he has a wonderful writing style, and tells a good story, although some of his transitions vs naipaul an area of darkness me a bit bewildered, and there is a section of ranting I didn’t grasp the point of in the middle t A year spent in India in the early 60’s, by Naipaul – born in Trinidad to parents of Indian heritage – his grandfather emigrated to Trinidad.

Reading the book also made me realize exactly how little has changed over the past five decades since Naipaul first journeyed in India.

This could not be a better introduction to indescribable India. He admires Gandhi and clearly understands his struggle and failure: Nation accepted him as Mahatma the great soulbut forgot his message almost instantly.

An Area of Darkness

As Vidia himself put- India does revel in its There was a time when I loathed Naipaul, wondering how someone never born and brought up in India can pass such judgements vs naipaul an area of darkness her so unabatedly, but of course I was naive.

He spoke of his family, his upbringing on the island of Trinidad, his family’s Indian heritage, all as though he were an alien who was making observations and taking notes to report back to his home planet naipahl seem to believe in many gods But the author does more than philosophize on the failings darkjess Indian society.

Or so he thought.