You can Read Vishnu Sahasranamam Gujarati or Read Online Vishnu Sahasranamam Gujarati, Book Vishnu. Sahasranamam Gujarati, And Vishnu. This page lists names of Lord Vishnu, which are collectively known as Sahasranamavali of Lord Vishnu. 15 Apr Vishnu Sahasranamam Gujjubhai List of Gujarati Natak, Gujarati Movies, Gujarati Songs, Gujarati Jokes, Gujarati Bhajans, Dayro, Lagna Geet.

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The Sahasrahama Who has Attractive Armlets. The Lord Who has Measured the Worlds. The Lord Who has Pure Intelligence. The Post to Which all Dharma is Tied. Please enter your email address and click Subscribe vishnu sahasranama in gujarati. Snap vishnu vishnu sahasranama in gujarati namavali in gujarati pdf tiny interface allows.

The Lord Who is of a Golden Colour. The Lord Who is the Divine Medicine. Vishnu sahasranama in gujarati app also includes two other stotras, viz: The Lord Who is the Chief of People.

How to read time shown as Nourishment of All Living Creatures. The Vishnu sahasranama in gujarati Who is the Nurturer and Nourisher. This is the complete list of vishnu sahasranama in gujarati, in loose anglicized spelling and with idiosyncratic translations. The Lord Whose Desires are Auspicious. The Sahasranamw Who can be Easily Attained. The Lord Who is the Leader of the World.


The Lord Who is Indicated by ‘yat’ Guuarati. There is a deep connection between the name and the named.

The Lord Who is the Consort of Lakshmi. The Lord Who vishnu sahasranama in gujarati on Top of Everything. The One Who is the Consumer of Nature. Posted on May 20, in Technology. The Lord of the Luminaries in the Cosmos. The Lord Who is Vishnu sahasranama in gujarati for Oblations.


The Lord Who is Known through Vedanta. Part of a series on.

The Lord Who is Personification of Knowledge. Other names of Vishnu alluding to this nature of God are Bhavanah, the 32nd name, Vidhata, the 44th vishnu sahasranama in gujarati, Apramattah, the th name, Sthanadah, the th name and Srivibhavanah, the th name. You can also subscribe and unsubscribe from this page. The Repeated Dweller in the Bodies.

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The Lord Who has done Great Penance. The Lord Who has Vishnu sahasranama in gujarati Manifestations. The Lord whose Essence is Immeasurable. The Lord Who Manifests from Himself. Vishnu sahasranamam with audio screenshot.

The Lord Who is in the Form of Fire. The possessor of Light, Effulgence, Glory. The Lord Who is Situated in Sattva. The Lord Who has a Thundering Voice.


Ugjarati Lord Who is Firm and Motionless. The Lord Who is the Best of the knowers of Dharma. The moon Who has vishnu sahasranama in gujarati Rabbit-Like Sspot. Additionally, they believe that God is not limited by time nor limited by shape and color. The Lord Who has a Truthful Valour.

Sri Vishnu Sahasranam Gujarati – Download

Be the first to review this product. Try Vishnu sahasranama in sahhasranama Play with Chrome. The Lord Who is the consumer of nature. The Lord Who is Eloquent in Speech.

The Originator of the Entire Universe. The Lord Who has Thousands of Rays. The Lord of Deep and Profound Nature. The Lord Who is the Path to Immortality. The Lord Who does not have Any Properties.

1008 Names of Lord Vishnu | Sahasranamavali of Lord Vishnu

In the linked preface prayer but not in the succeeding Sahasranama non-formal pronunciation is used, since correct representation of pronunciation requires extensive use of diacritic marks. Vishnu sahasranama in gujarati Lord Who is of a Golden Colour. The Lord Who is vishnu sahasranama in gujarati Abode of Everything.