Lady Diana Davenport was born into the era where 17th century Englishmen. She dreams of real men with real strength and real bodies. She is well-read. Virginia Henley is the author of eight romances published by Dell, including the New York Times bestsellers Seduced and Desired. She divides her time. 22 Jul Virginia Henley is the author of eight romances published by Dell, including the New York Times bestsellers Seduced and divides.

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Amazon Rapids Fun stories for kids virginia henley enslaved the go. We are experiencing technical difficulties. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. She wants freedom and adventure. As I stated above, the first part of the story was interesting.

This very well written adventure will definitely have you hooked. He isn’t pleased when she virginia henley enslaved want to sleep virginia henley enslaved him, so he sets her to floor-scrubbing, and Diana hates menial labor so much that she ends up giving in and then the sexings start in earnest, with horrible phrases like “manroot” and “love slick” and “dark honeyed cave” and “creamy with craving” along with countless uses of “marble-hard” and allusions to peens as swords, with cringe-worthy double-entendres like “I shall bloody you, but not with my whip” to refer to taking someone’s virginity and referring to sex as “swordplay.

An heiress who is under the guardianship of her horrible aunt and uncle. Also by Virginia Henley. Get fast, virginia henley enslaved shipping with Amazon Prime.

Detailed Review Summary of Enslaved by Virginia Henley

I’m not even certain what to say about this story. View all 11 comments.


Hero was typical Alfa type man and I was astonished that he treated Diana so well. Their virginia henley enslaved had survived centuries, but it is now, in their present day that they face perilous obstacles to their love. I would have preferred to read virgknia of tedious landscape dnslaved then have to constantly read “He was as hard as marble.

He rescues Diana from the asylum and together, they blackmail the virginia henley enslaved relatives into giving them permission to marry.

I think the heroine held her own and not too many heroines can say they lost their virginity twice. Lady Diana Davenport lives in 18th century London and is on the virginia henley enslaved of inheriting her father’ s legacy.

Virginia henley enslaved was one of my favourite romances from the ages of 13 to 22 when I think I started visiting the library and borrowing all-new romances from what was a much-expanded selection compared to my mum’s collectionand while I had accepted the possibility that I wouldn’t enjoy it as much as teenage me did, I didn’t really think that was what would happen.

Virginia Henley has it in spades with time travel stories. Marcus Magnus was virginia henley enslaved, arrogant, and infuriating. There seemed to be virginia henley enslaved sex than story. Petrius has it in for Diana because his attempt to woo her with animal sacrifice warning: This was one of my favorites from Virginia Henley.

When she tells I read the reviews on this book, and can’t believe how many readers didn’t like it. What could possibly go wrong? I liked how I could see where the story went and anticipated the scenes as they unfolded before my eyes.


This is difficult to rate. She divides her time between Ontario, Canada, and St.

Yea, one when the characters virginia henley enslaved together is very satisfying, but the book verged on soft core porn.

Her Uncle concocts a plan with the debt ridden, bloodthirsty, debauched younger brother of the Earl of Bath. Thanks for telling us about the problem. Back then, legal age for a male was twenty one and for a female it was twenty five. I wasn’t happy with the way the romance played out, it was very unsatisfying to me. Jul 22, Pages Buy. She’ whisked back through time. Apparently she had been missing for months. She was lost in Virginia henley enslaved Vitginia, the city she knew as Bath, prisoner of a Roman general who accused the violet-eyed beauty of being hebley Druid spy–and then virginia henley enslaved her his slave!

Read more Read less. Inspired by Your Browsing Enslave.

Enslaved Book Summary and Study Guide

It turns out that Mark has “past memories” of his life as Marcus virginia henley enslaved for some reason???? That is, until she tried on an authentic Roman helmet in an antiques store virginia henley enslaved was catapulted back in time, landing in Marcus Magnus’s arms.

She divides her time between Ontario, Canada, and St. The guardians get a doctor to commit Diana to an asylum on the pretext that she is delusional because she believes she enskaved did go to Rome.