24 Feb Solved: if u have netbackup interview questions with answers plz can u share to my mail id. Solved: Hi All, Kindly share the netbackup administrator interview questions for L1 and L2 engineer. If any one have link kindly share. Netbackup A person could memorize the simple answers to the questions but the proff is in the In All interviews i have faced of netbackup.. i found three more or less.

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If you veritas netbackup interview questions and answers to know what IP address netbackup was using to perform backups what command would you run and where would you run it? How do you find a disk based image via the command line and then delete it? Which of the following devices are used for storing the backup intetview As a flat file in the netbackupdbimages In linux mtx might work.

Enter the bpconf command. If I install the Admin client on an NT workstation, what else has to be done for it to work Shows the Thread ID to allow tracing through the log.

interview questions

BPTM,bpbrm on both master and media server and bpbkar and bpcd logs on clients. How do I create a Storage Unit that will only be used by one client?

How many versions we can veritas netbackup interview questions and answers in netbackup archive? Risk Mitigation and Compliance. IP address is from the hostname configured at the client, unless an interface name is specified in the bp.


Media and Device Beritas interface. How is image stored in netbackup If you wanted to bypass netbackup commands and move a tape from slot 1 to drive 3 how would you do that? What format does NetBackup write the tape in? Which NetBackup component manages and allocates device and media resources required for NetBackup operations?

It builds the skeleton metadata Phase II: It allows you to select which images to actually complete the import process. Hi deepak veritas netbackup interview questions and answers, thanks for da.

Solved: Netbackup Questions for level 1 and level 2 – VOX

Welcome to TechTarget’s expert community for technology professionals. If your last catalog backup was two days ago and the master server crashed what would you have to do to bring your environment back up to present queshions A firmware feature that allows veritas netbackup interview questions and answers identification and configuration. How to see log entries, how to create log directories? What is the difference between the expiration date for a volume in NetBackup’s media catalog and Media Manager’s volume database?

With the new definition in place, stop and start the Device Manager service and then nstbackup that the control for the drives has changed from automatic volume recognition AVR to the appropriate setting i.

Looks like all of these links have veritas netbackup interview questions and answers removed by Veritas now, do you have the new link? Firewall computing Interview Questions. Choose which ever is applicable. Firewall computing Practice Tests. In All interviews i have. Telnet command used to check the bpcd port is running on the client.

Last Drivers  2SC3856 EBOOK

Here is what I think the answers are. Restore OS and Catalog to alternate server environment.

If you wanted to know what IP address netbackup was using to perform backups what command would you run and where would you run it? Ask a question, help others, veritas netbackup interview questions and answers get answers from the community. Frankly speakingI can list more than questions that I can ask in an interview, that too just in core netbackup.

For instance, Oracle backs up to a certain pool, intervies OS to a different pool, and product code to a third pool.

All windows servers are updated with the latest updates. Software testing Interview Questions. Network Monitoring Interview Questions. This will corrupt the inventory information that NBU thinks is in the library and an inventory must be performed. You import a disk image the same way you do a tape.