22 Aug Varalakshmi Vratham Pooja Procedure/Vidhanam, How to do varamahalakshmi pooja at home, Things needed for varalakshmi vratham. Varalakshmi. Home Magal Chandi Mangal Gouri Santoshimata Satyanarayana Trinatha Vaibhav Lakshmi Varalakshmi Vinayak. Varamahalaxmi Vratam: India is a country with many traditional values, cultures, religions, and festivals. Our country has people of various religions like Hindu.

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2018 Varalakshmi Vratam and Puja date for Washington, D.C., United States

However, in Andhra, Telangana and Maharashtra regions, Varalakshmi fasting in mainly performed by married women varalakshmi vratham in.

This yr though i dont hv this. Easy for us to buy that book. Aadhi August 4, at Do we need to buy new saree for Goddess?

Then Charumathi offers Tambulam to the brahmin priests and distribute the vrata prasadam to the relatives and lead a happy life. If you wish to keep kalasham, then no harm in it. Where to keep the Varalakshmi vratham in mugham after the prayers?

Other links related to Goddess Varalakshmi. If I am planning to give tambulam for 9 ladies. Vsralakshmi it is good to start the vratam when it comes in the tamil month Avani.


Feel free varalakshmi vratham in leave ur comments and feedback. The sacred thread which is tied during Varalakshmi vratham in Puja is known as Dorak and sweets offered to Varalakshmi is known as Vayana. My MIL wishes for me to do it, but she’s in a different country and is unable to give me clear instructions on how to perform the full pooja she asked me to look it up in YouTube.

Varalakshmi is believed to be the one who grants boons Varam. But its a very old book. Source for Punar Puja: So I am not sure about this. She recites varalakshmi vratham in following sloka along with other women with utmost faith and devotion.

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Consume little water as theertha and pour the remaining in well, tree or tulsi plant. This is a very useful post specially for the ones who are doing the vratham for the first time. Chitra Ganapathy August 9, at 5: So this year, make a simple pooja. Iam very much interested to perform this pooja eagerly? Just varalakshmi vratham in the day when we do the pooja, we need to keep the kalash.

Chitra Ganapathy August 8, at 5: Aunty thank u very much. Consume varalakshmi vratham in water as theertha.

Varalakshmi Vratham-Pooja Procedure/Puja Vidhanam | Chitra’s Food Book

Hello Vidhya Thanks for visiting this page. Hi mam, Can u please tel details of kedara gowri vratham procedure for doing pooja.


T he slokas I have shared here is from a book titled ij avani maadha Pooja vidhanam”. Rathna Piriyanga July 24, at 6: So it was specially prepared for that. Kavitha Kishore August 2, at 9: Last varalakshmi vratham in was the first year I learnt how to do the pooja.

What is Varalakshmi Vratam?

I just want to clarify you varalakshmi vratham in one post, if any close relative from in-laws side dies we should not perform full puja BUT on the festival day one must take out Amman moham and keep in silver glass or panchatram with rice, tamulam, coin in it in silver or peetalai plate with banana leaf below. Varalakshmi vratham in it doesn’t affect the baby i guess. Am married for three years and both mil and mom don’t have the habit of doing this pooja in a elaborate manner.

Chitra Ganapathy August 26, at