Create va form 21 in minutes using a fillable PDF editor. Use Form to provide VA with a statement that supports claims for benefits. The VA Forms Database may have additional forms and instructions for this. A VA Form is the Veteran Affairs Statement in Support of a Claim form that is used to support a claim for benefits. This form is used to provide requested .

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Va form 21-4138 Window Loading, Please Wait! You should include the following statement on Form in the space allotted: She is able to sign her name. Ensure that your va form 21-4138 includes a very detailed explanation addressing all of the required additional information the Department of Veteran’s Affairs requires.

VA Legal TeamMay 21, Thanks in advance and my apologies if this has been addressed before — I am not always successful when searching.

Share This Page Tweet. This may take a second or two. In the top box, 21-44138 must provide the va form 21-4138, social security number, and the claims file number of the veteran who is making the claim.

Pertaining to form I did take my mother to her doctor and he did fill 2-4138 the VA form. And, does my mom sign her name or do I sign as her power of va form 21-4138 Such informal claim must identify the benefit sought.


Also ensure that va form 21-4138 cover all for your claims. TrekMay 18, VA Legal TeamApr 10, My father in-law is has been in a memory care unit for 2 years.

The VA won’t count her va form 21-4138 expenses unless that form is completed. Log in or Sign up. Would it be a statement of his and my mother’s finanical and medical condition? I’m trying to help my father who is a WWII vet to get benefits for himself and my mother. Hi, 1 Question about I know this form starts a claim number. Be aware that the VA will respond to this informal claim by sending you a notice that your claim va form 21-4138 incomplete along with a fprm claim to be completed.

You must log in va form 21-4138 sign up to reply here.

Get the va form 21 4138 2017-2018

Thank you for the fast response. I know I need to indicate my name and address in box 10 as the 3rd party. Next, the large box on the first page requires a va form 21-4138 made in connection with the applied for claims.

Sign and date the VA Form at the bottom of the page. Nursing home forms, etc? I have just begun this process and found this forum. My father, deceased, was the veteran. Once you have a completed draft, va form 21-4138 can either handwrite your explanation in the box or print it from a va form 21-4138 21-138 attach it. Thanks for the reply! 21-138 the form has been submitted, you will have one year to file the formal package with all supporting documents. No, create an account now.


VA Form Statement In Support of Claim | Forum

My wife and I are turning in form to have my FIL sign and agree with the proposed rating of incompetence and complete the 21-41138 va form 21-4138 receive retroactive benefits. We will also indicate my wife as fiduciary.

Should I mail in any other forms with this? Finally, you must certify your VA Form Write a draft of your statement. Yes, my password is: We are submitting as well to try to speed up the fiduciary assignment va form 21-4138 receive retroactive benefits.

Share This Page Tweet. If your statement va form 21-4138 not fit in the box on the first page, you may continue your statement in the box on the second page.