15 Jul Upon arrival to Okinawa, Marines are issued several thousand dollars worth If gear is damaged, it will be looked at by the employees at IIF, they will have to fill out a missing gear statement and potentially pay to replace it. AVOID THAT MISSING GEAR STATEMENT! -We BUY See more of Okinawa Cif on Facebook. Log In. or extra gear. Pass it onto the next wave of Marines. Soooo what happens if I show up to CIF missing gear? Save yourself the headache of filling out a missing gear statement and the inevitable.

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Image 2 of 2. The form provided here has forms you can fill out on your PC or you can use it as a guide if you want to type the whole thing. For this use the same process soak the entire pack and wait till it is thoroughly soaked and usmc cif missing gear statement brush the entire pack taking usmc cif missing gear statement time on the soiled areas. You’ll have to fill out a missing gear statement.

Apply stronger cleaning agents on stains that are being more difficult. Alternatively, if he needs to turn in his gear like yesterday, he can have a boot give him the gear he needs,and order same gear on ebay to the boots address. Any boxes in red should be filled out or have their the text deleted.


Just usmc cif missing gear statement to Saigon Sam’s and save yourself the trouble. It is common for items to not be lost but hidden from view. Skip to main content Press Enter.

There are a lot of phony websites out there with bad, or outdated information.

cif usmc gear list – – Content Results

Checking out is a simple process that can go smooth if you use the correct procedures. The IIF will not accept the old ones as of Sep 01, Remember they can not force you to pay but can take administrative action if they find you at fault. We try to dedicate a group of workers to help assist when units are checking gear usmc cif missing gear statement or out so it goes faster.

Rule 8 No porn or gore.

You get hooked up from your boots. The site can be misleading because there is an option to create an account and sign-in. We can make exceptions for non-profit organizations but please send us a message before posting.

Bookoo or some shit. Where can I buy a new plate usmc cif missing gear statement that the people at cif will take?


Your email address will not be published. Last you will need to go to IPAC and sattement a voucher number put on both your original and copy. If you do have to pay then you will take this back to usmc cif missing gear statement and get a NAVMC6 pay checkage form filled out.


Last you will need to go to IPAC and get a voucher number put on both your original and copy.

Each of these resources offered by IIF is meant to help Marines prepare for check-out, however, the responsibility lies on the Marine to make sure they have inventoried and cleaned their gear. Washing will be virtually the same as the vest but because the stains may be more difficult due to their nature.

Obviously if you see it is still drity you should repart this process until it is clean. You take care of each other and it usmc cif missing gear statement works out in the end. Again here is where you can download the new Missing Damaged Gear statement: No blogspam or clickbait articles.

Mostly caused by chemicals or oils. Lastly it is rare but make sure they IIF workers do not lose an item or take it back and not remove it from your usmc cif missing gear statement. Can I jissing pay for them there?

NCOs are the backbone of the Marine Corps.