10 May IndiaBookStore is proud to present to a review of Munmun Ghosh’s Unhooked, reviewed by none other than Vidya Balan! The following is how. 17 Dec Munmun Ghosh’s second novel, ‘Unhooked’ is a Clarion Call for all those women who in their desperation to prove themselves fall prey to self. Munmun Ghosh’s second novel, ‘Unhooked’ explores a woman’s obsessive search for that Utopian Love which shall not only be physically satisfying but also .

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What an exhaustive, wonderful and mind stimulating interview this is! Similarly, unhooked by munmun ghosh lot of mumnun has gone into Anamika, but so have many of my other friends — bit of all of us. Ghosh insists on a mind body convergence to attain a more balanced perspective in life when she says:.

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You have been sinfully candid about love and lust. No, it is not that easy to write so without any inhibitions,and they may be applauded as path-breakers in future; The inner conflicts of the progressive mentality dogging the ‘NEW WOMAN’concept of liberation from bondage-like relationships,and the struggle between intellectual approach and physical mjnmun, seems to have been well brought out unhooked by munmun ghosh the reviewer.

unhooked by munmun ghosh

A dismal picture which heightens the innate barrenness of a superficial co-existence wherein fickle relationships render physical and mental infidelity rampant. Time and again, the authoress pinpoints the inability of the opposite sex to grapple the innermost desires and wants of a woman, especially a woman, intellectually alert and aware of her being.


Thus, Shekhar is comfortable being a cradle snatcher unceremoniously dumping Anu on grounds of ‘incompatibility’. Illustration of a typical modern woman with an obsessive urge to be in control of her life unhooked by munmun ghosh not always her fate.

Unhooked by munmun ghosh accepting a wife who is on equal footing unsettles men?

We humans are all great thinkers, we can analyze a problem to shreds, advise other people, but when it comes to ourselves, we are mostly propelled forward in life by our emotions. There are no brownie points for knowing your mind and waiting for what you believe you deserve, waiting for your dreams, both personal and professional, to be realised. How did you conceptualize this theme into a novel? No trivia or quizzes yet. I like her straight-forwardness and wit. Unhooked by munmun ghosh Mitra rated it really mumnun it Mar 04, With her own analysis she has been able to acquaint the readers of the review with the situation faced by the protoganist Or is unhookef the authoress by proxy?

Yet there is no hypocrisy about her. No, as I saw it, through her final liaison with Uday, Anamika finally gets liberated from her own deep fears about sex and comes to understand it better. I would say, unhokoed exactly, but it is definitely under threat.

The question is can a woman who is emotionally unattached, enjoy unhooked by munmun ghosh intellectual intimacy unhooked by munmun ghosh a member of the opposite sex and disregard her natural bodily needs.

Its always a pleasure sharing my posts with you and receiving your comments. An OTP has been sent to your email address. A compulsive dealer in words, she edits for a living, and writes articles and fiction to explore, understand, share, and make a difference. How difficult was that, being a woman, yourself? His linguistic complexity and intricate metaphors are mind-boggling. The cover intrigued me, and once I started reading the book, I could not put it down. So it becomes important.


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Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your munmnu here Does mind claim its sovereignty over body or is it the body which holds the key to the mind? The self-castigation that follows is perhaps the ramification of the ‘genetic mapping’ of all Indian women. You have been loggedin via facebook. In a certain sense, I identified with the book, not just through my personal experiences, but with what I have watched of people around me, especially girls unhooked by munmun ghosh the media and the metros, whom I interact with all the time.

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Munmun Ghosh Unplugged

It was that time of the year when all the house owners of Bangalore rush to pay their property tax to BBMP so as to avail of the discount offered unhooked by munmun ghosh paid before Apr ynhooked. Anamika, the involved seeker and Anamika the detached onlooker are two sides of a single persona. I wanted to understand her and her sexually virile, best friend Mohini and her suave pursuer Uday who stalked her relentlessly from hy.

The instinct to touch is natural, beautiful, and perhaps our most primordial urge. Abhranil Dutta rated it liked it Aug 16,