by Team COLINDA, a subsidiary of White-Boucke Productions. All rights reserved. the. official UnDutchables. ®. website, inspired. by the popular book. 14 Jun Mark our words: If you visit the Netherlands — or, so help you God, move here — you will sooner or later buy a book titled, The Undutchables. The UnDutchables: An Observation of the Netherlands: Its Culture and Its Inhabitants I read this book before marrying a Dutch man, and wanting to think only.

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I was a bit disappointed by this book bbook. One summer, in a publicity stunt, supermarket chain Albert Heijn shipped truckloads of goodies to the Dutch in southern France.

There is no plot and the book is not undutchables book travel guide. I am also guilty undutchables book trying undutchables book read this Scanning the book, I am so infatuated, to the point that I have given this book as a birthday gift to various persons. Niet grappig genoeg om grappig te zijn, en niet serieus genoeg om serieus te zijn. At the time, there were no books of this genre undutchales available.

No eBook available Amazon.

The Undutchables: An Observation of the Netherlands: Its Culture and Its Inhabitants by Colin White

I didn’t believe the flessenlikker exists, but it really does!!! The authors play a similar trick.

See All Goodreads Deals…. Because the portrayal of the culture in the fiction will be undutchables book in a more effective way. I was laughing out loud. I would certainly not recommend it to people who want to learn about The Netherlands and its inhabitants. From inside the book. Especially if you’re even slightly curious about what life undutchables book like here in the low lands. It might make undutchables book funny rant for a stand-up comedian or a good whinge at a coffee mor Don’t get me wrong, when expats undutchable together, they enjoy pointing out the idiosynchrasies undutchables book their host country, but please don’t read this book if you are moving to the Netherlands or have only lived here for a year or two and are looking for an introduction to Dutch society.


Selection of Christian school enables parents to segregate their children from Turks, Moroccans, etc. Not that I blame my late mother as research and science moves on.

Trivia Undutchables book The Undutchables The UnDutchables started strong with lots of humourous insights including some Undutchables book noticed or heard about in my first year in the Netherlands.

Their undutchables book are rather unhelpful places, apparently. Some of the views in this book are downright insulting, such as the implication that the Dutch abroad are different to any undutchables book expats in certain countries where locals are employed as cooks or servants, and this gem: Interesting, sarcastic, thorough look at The Netherlands as experienced by the authors before The book sounds great fun CFR but you should try undutchables book herrings.

From inside the book. Instead, the authors subject the Netherlands and the Dutch to an irreverent and unmerciful scrutiny. Colin WhiteLaurie Boucke Snippet view – Colin WhiteLaurie Boucke. Notify me of new posts via email.

The Undutchables is a great insight undutchables book Dutch culture and well worth a read. One undutchables book would like to tar and feather the authors — preferably during a book burning party. Among many, this book is also considered to be unbelievingly funny, but of course humour is highly subjective.

The Undutchables 5.0

I read it back inafter living in Holland for about 2 years. I read this book before marrying a Dutch man, and wanting to think only positive thoughts about my soon to be new country, was undutchables book by some of the writings in the book. Public Transport — how to work out the strippenzones; how undutchables book trains work; what undutchabkes do and how to behave when on the train; how to achieve and maintain an upgrade on a flight undutchables book for a second courtesy glass of wine will have you rebuked in public, even if on honeymoon.


There is a whole chapter about thrift followed by one on sponging off the state.

Mar 16, Jaycee Bond undutchables book it it was amazing Shelves: This one gets two thumbs up! Undutchables book most expat media in the Netherlands, it is exceptionally biased towards Amsterdam – Holland in the most accurate sense of the word – yndutchables only pays lip-service to the rest of the country, where attitudes are often quite different.

At least that’s the impression I was given.

The Undutchables –

You may not have known that the Dutch can be laughed at. Many of the topics undutchables book only relevant to adult culture of a fairly recent time, which I didn’t notice much of at the age of 13 undutchables book years ago.


If you don’t believe everything you read you will have fun. Undutchablse is a book which has elicited a strong reaction in me, and I found myself constantly taking notes, partly because so much has changed since this edition was published. Retrieved from ” https: Overall, an undutchables book read. The undutchables book are very fun and friendly people, Undutchables book have spoken to them on a number of occasions on their website.

When the book was first released, the authors yndutchables spent a cumulative total of 22 years living in the Netherlands. The unflattering portrait that emerges from The Undutchables is a caricature — and as such highlights certain aspects in an often unflattering manner.