8 May The Toyota UE has a design flaw that causes aluminum dust to spread throughout the case. The source of this problem has finally been. 22 Apr The UE appeared in several Toyota models from through While its internal architecture is complex, troubleshooting the UE. Find great deals for TOYOTA UE. Shop with confidence on eBay!.

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Leave a Reply Click here to cancel reply. These include six-speed operation and adaptive technology. Thus, the driver was able to “light” at the traffic lights and at the same time — save on gasoline. It would be desirable, naejdatsya that the next generation of akpp, UE will be more reliable for h660e consumer.

You can choose between the fully-featured scan tool and j660e PC-based version, which offers fewer capabilities at a reduced cost.

The subject matter on this blog is meant for discussion and educational purposes only, and is not necessarily reflective of inventory currently offered by ETE Reman.

It is a more compact and optimized version of the U automatic transmission structure with additional features for improved performance and efficiency. To do so, follow the u660d below:. Naturally, in addition to price and durability. Sign Up Login with.

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All these cars have engine capacity of 3. PowerTransmission last online 1 week ago. But, alas, for all it is necessary to pay the resource of its automatic transmission.


The UE contains many improvements over older units, advancements that first became common in the mids.

The Toyota UE: The Dust Problem Has Finally Been Solved

Of course, like all mechanical things, it will eventually need servicing. The one described in this article falls into that category. Browse our online catalog and contact us today. But, when the techs tore down the tranny, they could find no worn or malfunctioning components.

There comes the so-called “slip mode”, which significantly increases the efficiency. Like the machine class, the idea from the manufacturer is good, but again for u660s account with you. To check availability on a discussed transmission family, give ETE a call directly at Multiple attempts to solve the problems with the Toyota UE went unresolved.

The Toyota U660E: The Dust Problem Has Finally Been Solved

To check availability on a discussed transmission family, give ETE a call directly at The gear ultimately splines to the direct ring gear, the end clutch, and the sun gear. However, here lies the main “weakness” of the UE acpp. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. By using this site, you agree to the Terms u6660e Use and Privacy Policy. Sometimes, however, problems surface that could not have been foreseen.

You will also need to get a bearing: This means that any service work should include a software update and test drive to allow the transmission to adapt to the changes caused by the repair. Fortunately, the issue can be repaired and your customer sent on his or her way in a properly repaired vehicle. Automatic does not “tupit”, but at the same time quickly wears out the mechanical part, especially suffers the oil pump in the compartment with a torque converter and a rear double drum. Browse our online catalog and contact us today.


The bad news is that the only fix for the problem currently is another case. The following is a basic introduction to the transmission. When it does, you can now approach the job with confidence and skill. Either is sufficient when servicing this transmission.

The transmission shows a curious inconsistency in construction between the front and rear halves. Once it starts to spin, it contaminates the interior with the aluminum dust, including the valve body bores, planetary gears, solenoids, etc. Only registered users can participate in discussions. Inthese models began showing up in shops across the country with transmission-related problems.

A word of caution: The TCM uses a specific series of on-off solenoid positions to move the transmission through its various speeds.