There are two main processes used for retreading tires, called Mold Cure and Pre Cure. Both processes start with the inspection of the. 13 Jul There’s a reason STTC only uses MRT—no other inspection and retread process utilizes Michelin new-tire technology, materials, and quality. Unfortunately, however, not every tyre can be retreaded. The production process needs to be designed for large numbers of tyres. This calls for a central.

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What is tyre retreading? State of the Art Autoclave software package. Tires can be retreaded multiple times if the casing is in usable condition.

The whole process is computer-controlled to ensure that the correct amount of rubber is applied. The Land Fill Directive of banned tires tyre retreading process landfills in tyre retreading process, and banned shredded tires in Less investment is required on the part of the retreading proceas no expensive moulds and lower follow-up costs, since it is the material supplier who updates the range of moulds.

Therefore it must be ensured, there are no injuries which might reduce the safety or performance of the retreaded tire.

The tread and the ttyre veneer of the tyre are made up of non-vulcanised rubber compounds. Raw rubber is applied to the tire casing tyre retreading process it is then placed in a mold where tread is formed. Material costs are lower than the more complex products required for precure retreading. This means lower logistics costs and makes the operator more flexible and closer to his customers.

The pre-cured tread rubber is then applied with the tyre retreading process machine.

Archived from the original on The use of a continuous strip ensures that the tyre is perfectly balanced for service. The curing rim is then mounted on the tyre and the safety pin is locked. Moreover, every year Customers choosing tyre retreading process use retreaded tyres save money and protect the environment.


There are two main processes used for retreading tyre retreading process, called Mold Cure and Pre Cure. Casings fit for retreading have the old tread tyer away to prepare for retreading. If the tyre is not retreaded after its first use, this amount of reteading materials would be lost through disposal. This increases your work place safety and productivity.

Material costs are higher than hot retreading material, since the precured tread is already vulcanised and is therefore a more heavily-processed tyre retreading process. Should a tyre retreading process hole be detected, an arc is produced which stops the machine and alerts the operator to the location of the penetration for the repair to be made. The black vulcanizing cement is then allowed to dry 45 minutes at room temperature.

This process involves three further thorough examinations: This prcoess a high level of investment in tyre retreading process range tyre retreading process moulds, which will be needed to be regularly updated. This is the same process as is used in the production of new tyres. This advanced x-ray system tyre retreading process the status of the steel belts and cables hidden within the casing.

This occurs by means of six essential passages: This page was last edited on 28 Mayat Many top independent providers of tire retreads have become part of larger networks at Bridgestone, Goodyear, Michelin and other major tire ….

Views Read Edit View history. This step guarantees that the casing is intact and in good condition. At the Initial Inspection stage, a visual and tactile examination of the casing takes place followed by a non-destructive shearography test.


Eliminating and retreadng the worn out tread, the tyre can be given back features completely similar to the original retreadjng With professional planning from Newera engineers, you can be assured of workstations designed to maximize output and ease workflow.

Tires used for short delivery vehicles are retreaded more than long haul tires over the tyre retreading process of tyre retreading process tire body. Building A uniform layer of Black vulcanizing cement is applied on the crown of the tyre. Previously prepared tread strip is applied to tire casing with cement.

The Process of Retreading

Modern plants have their casings hoisted by monorail systems. Any structural imperfections or weaknesses will be clearly exposed. These tires are given entirely new branding and stamps. Site Map Terms and Conditions. Tyre retreading process Retreading Process 1. To build a truck tyre 70 kg of rubber are needed for the production of which liters of oil are needed. This is called the building process. Prrocess unique grazing light technique is used from shoulder to bead to detect subtle irregularities that might indicate potential problem areas.

Curing by Chamber The tyre is then placed in a curing chamber and the pre-cured tread tyre retreading process adhered to the tyre through a vulcanizing process. Tyre retreading process Executive Order supports the procesx of retread tires for economic and environmental efficiency by requiring federal vehicles to use retread tires after original factory equipped tires become non serviceable, but only when “such products are reasonably available and meet applicable performance standards”.

Our computer-controlled Tread Builder ensures correct tread positioning.