Introduction (tutorial). This introduction explains how to implement and configure an IEC controlling station (master) within the TwinCAT PLC. 17 Oct This tutorial describes all necessary steps in the development of a PLC application for and select TwinCAT Project / TwinCAT XAE Project. 29 Jun I am looking for tutorials on getting started AND programming with TwinCat and Beckhoff PLC. Can anyone supply some links or suggestions.

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Increase this to 2mS if you’d like. This could take a few seconds to a few minutes depending on the speed of your computer. Try it with the “go” bit In Windows there are only two execution modes: This is where you have to enter the name of the variable you want to assign to this coil. You can look at your standard task and see what speed it is running.

I want to plug it into my computer but I have a few questions: The first variable GrindingWheelMS will represent the output for the motor starter that turns on the grinding wheel. Programs have their own memory space. Thank you for this great tutorial!

Contact and Coil Nearly In Control. I have a few questions Anyway, sometimes this causes it to lock up the editor where you can’t go back online, even though everything is good to go.


So, no, none of those will work for you, except just to play around. You’d also need an EK and a 24v supply to use twinca for playing.

Edit the three question marks over the new parallel contact and change it to Grinder. I see that you explained it but I got a bit lost.


Here, we just set the number of cores available to Windows, and the remainder will be available to the TwinCAT 3 runtime.

As you can see above, the Grinder. Twincag I need to supply 24V to the EK? You don’t need ‘just any’ ethercat terminal, you need a specific one for what you are trying to do. Now I am stuck, what do I do from here? Ok, so I have done everything that you have told me to do and this is what I have: Once you get that going, you can worry about the LED.

Currently there are only 2 tasks: Changing this allocation requires a reboot, so save everything first. Thank you uttorial lot!!!! Check out your network card situation. Does the computer had dual nics? Twinccat reason for this is so that the machine will stop if the wiring to the stop button is disconnected and it also allows you to chain stop buttons in series.


Twincat 3 introduces ladder logic into the program but full functionality like ver. By default the task is configured to run once every 10 cycle ticks, and that corresponds to once every 10 ms.

Once I have done this I will let you know! First, make sure that you are offline.

Thanks again, you did a great job. Is there anything that you suggest to do for me to fix this?

Thanks for sharing your knowledge!! Are you planning a chapter on scoope view? Click the Yes button. This is a nice write-up… many thanks!

Beckhoff will have you believe it is ready. I am trying to make tuhorial so that when “Go” is true that “Out” is false.

TwinCAT 3 Tutorial · Contact and Coil

Scott — Thank you for the reply! Also, you don’t need to do a “while true” sort of statement. Theme Design by devolux. You can run multiple virtual PLCs on a single computer. I would do this but I have noticed that when I turn on my work computer a little startup window pops up with the TwinCat logo.