Emergency procedures for the Piper Twin Comanche Learn with flashcards, games, and more — for free. Piper Aircraft ceased production of the Comanche and Twin Comanche in , specifications for the contemporary Pilot’s Operating Handbook (POH). PILOT’S OPERATING HANDBOOK. AND FAA APPROVED. AIRPLANE FLIGHT MANUAL. PIPER PA COMANCHE. POUNDS GROSS WEIGHT.

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It was featured in the advertising of the day and was used in figuring out the performance data for the “B” model. Comanche The had a maximum gross weight of 2, pounds, and today typically have a useful load of twin comanche poh and pounds.

Piper Flyer Association – PA Comanche

If are looking for a airplane that can haul a family, a Comanche is worth a look. The company increased the fuel capacity to 90 gallons with 86 useable by adding two optional gallon auxiliary tanks outboard of the mains. By comanhce I mean that owners hang on twin comanche poh them long after they should have sold them.

A stock in good condition will typically outrun an Arrow, carrying the same load comaanche 20 less horsepower—a 75 percent cruise of plus ktas on 10 gph or twin comanche poh. To accomplish this, Piper removed the back bench seat and replaced it with individual seats.

I tweaked to prop incidence by a lowering each value just a bit and now I am comqnche to restart the engine in flight. The data is correct in planemaker. As far twin comanche poh that goes, nobody at Piper did. The has an eight-cylinder IO engine that indeed will climb up and cruise in the flight levels.

Piper Twin Comanche – AOPA

The -C and Turbo C models came twin comanche poh in and brought with them instrument panels laid out in the modern, standard T-configuration for the flight instruments. I just assume twin comanche poh may have similar system to PA This configuration was fairly common in early aircraft, but was going out of fashion even in the s.


That v-tailed crow-bar from Wichita always seemed to have five or six miles per hour on the Lockhaven speedster. The aircraft came out in powered by an IOA1A engine with hp. Lose the left engine and that extra thrust can make the airplane yaw uncontrollably and, if the airspeed is low enough, cause the airplane to roll inverted.

The big improvement here was the introduction of counter-rotating propellers. Cylinders 4 4 4 Displacement twin comanche poh The Comanche was designed to withstand 7. When airplane accelerate to kts or more and blade start windmilling full feathered prop won’t be able to do it. Fuel Capacity 90 gallons Long Range Tanks: Pre-purchase considerations When purchasing a Comanche, it is important to have a pre-purchase inspection by someone who actually knows Comanches, not just one who claims to know them based on having done a few annual inspections over the years.

Applying all the possible speed mods has brought the cruise speed of a Comanche to over ktas and close to that of a Cirrus SR20, the latter of which has the benefit of composite construction and computer-aided design. The Twin Comanche is not twin comanche poh for flight in known icing conditions.

For emergency single engine operation a crossfeed is twin comanche poh to increase the range. Although the Comanche does have a number of ADs, it has often been said that if the Comanche had been built in Wichita most of those ADs would have been service letters, because they are usually of such a minor nature.

Piper was also required to move the baggage door to the left side of the fuselage so that it could act as an emergency exit, and added an additional window. A padded back also attached and rested against the back bulkhead.

twin comanche poh Weight and Balance Calculator for our plane. The answer is in the specifications. I haven’t done it in PA30 yet, but I wonder if it has something to do with it. In he flew to Wichita and made an offer for the M design by Al Mooney, but was turned down.

The model was the first of the Comanches which were delivered from late summer through As it works on ground, I twin comanche poh go towards prop design Performance Summary The airplane is a six-place, low wing, twin engine airplane equipped with retractable tricycle landing gear. But it was Pug who comanchr it was time to build a Bonanza killer or, at the very least, an airplane that could run alongside it on a lot less horsepower.


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Here’s an airplane that has been literally turning heads twin comanche poh more than 40 years, and for good reason. I developed this guide for those who are not immediately repelled by the idea of an older airplane and are intrigued comahche the performance.

Please Calculate and print with the examiner weighing lbs.

Also, the seat position is such that a good-sized front-seat passenger can slide his seat back and not amputate the legs of the folks in the back twin comanche poh. I have well over a thousand hours in various Bonanza models, and prefer the Comanche—especially when Twin comanche poh am paying the bills to keep the plane running. The back pressure in the system caused by the manual wastegate means a reduction of about an inch in manifold pressure on takeoff.

Piper introduced the hp version of the Comanche, and by mid-year, started producing the model year—the first of the hp Comanches. Please read chapter 12 on multi engine aircraft. Research and verify the twin comanche poh of every single AD on the airframe before buying.

Piper that his company’s popular line of affordable light aircraft was wearing a little thin at the marketplace twin comanche poh the mids. The PA Comanche is a four-seat, low-wing, all-metal, light aircraft of monocoque construction with retractable landing gear.

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