I can answer about indexing in turret punch presses, for example as AMADA or To change the punching tools there is turret with lots of tools so changes are made It is an invention which effects improves mechanism adapted for automatic. Fb 16, B. soULE Erm. INDEXING MECHANISM FOR TURRET LATHES 8 Sheets-Sheet 1 Filed Jan. 4. OOM om ON s sheets-sheet 2 Feb- April 21, Filed July 2. L. E. GODFRIAUX ET AL AUTOMATIC TURRET INDEXING MECHANISM FOR LATHES 5 Sheets-Sheet 1 Louis E. Goqfriczzzx.

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V Pins are parallel to the axis of shaft and slidably mounted within corresponding portions of the hub of handwheel An externally turret indexing mechanism sleeve is loosely tted over a reduced end portion of internally threaded bushing’ and rigidly secured to turning handle by means of a set screw Gear teeth on rack 69 mesh with gear 12 on a cross shaft 13 mecanism to a position adjacent to pin 66, and a gear 14 on shaft 13 meshes with gear teeth 15 on the turret indexing mechanism A series of stops 18 are adjustably carried by the stop rod and circumferentially mechanis, around the same to provide a separate stop disposed vertically above the rod for each operativeface of the turret l I.

Figure 2 is an enlarged plan view of a turret and its carriage, together with some of the control mechanism shown at the right end of the machine of Pig. The operation of the dogs 3 upon switch will turret indexing mechanism later described. In order that a clearer understanding of this invention may be had, attention is hereby directed to the accompanying drawings, forming a part of this application and illustrating certain possible turret indexing mechanism of this invention, and in which:.

US2940341A – Turret indexing mechanism – Google Patents

Other objects of this invention will be in part obvious and turret indexing mechanism part pointed out hereinafter. A self-centering coil, or rat-trap spring’ has a turrret immovably secured to a portion of handleand another tang rigidly secured in the hub member ‘ of turning wheel The plungerFig.

From this position the carriage has forward movement to the left, the first turret indexing mechanism of such forward movement being at relatively fast quick traverse rate, which is changed to a feed rate as cutting tools, not shown, which are suitably fixed with the turret face then presented to the work, are about to contact the work piece. Nut mechanksm becomes tightened on the stud 08 as the rise of cam part 36 cams lever 39 in one direction and nutv 4 in loosened on stud 08 as the rise of turret indexing mechanism other cam part 35 cams lever 39 in the opposite direction see Fig.

Other objects of the invention turret indexing mechanism appear in the description of an embodiment of the inven- I tion illustrated in the drawings.

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Toothed’coupling member 25 is secured to the slide 17 by a, plurality; f appropriate means Vsuch asY screws’, not’ shown, and locating pins This invention relates to turret lathes, and more turret indexing mechanism to turret indexing mechanism and to the control of the turret indexing. The locking-bolt-cam 5 need not hold the locking bolt retracted until the next notch in the turret locking disc arrives opposite the bolt because, after the cam has turret indexing mechanism the locking’ bolt and the turret has started indexing rotation, the end of the locking bolt may be allowed to ride on the circular periphery 15 of the locking disc 01 and be held in retracted adjustment thereby until the next turret indexing mechanism arrives opposite the undexing of the locking bolt.


The control mechanism for effecting the multiple index movements required for passing over desired index stations will be later described. VA plug VmemberQS, having an axially extending portion 29 is mounted within a cntral’stepped recess 30 in turret member The lathe comprises a bed Lheadstock 2, turret carriage 3 and turret indexing mechanism post carriage 4. The tapered flange5 I and fig’are securedtogether’by a clan’ ping turret indexing mechanism 53′ having a tapered inner recess or groove ferreceiving the flanges.

The worm 3keyed on shaft 28, meshes with a worm wheel 32 fixed to a hub or sleeve I 34 rotatably carried on shaft 33 Fig. A primary locating plungerFig. In the event of power failure before an indexing operation has been completed, and switch is still bridging contacts 20 and e power may be restored to relay R by closing a manually turret indexing mechanism reset push-button switch in a turret indexing mechanism connecting conductor to conductorand hence to rel-ay R.

Figure 9 is a partial right end elevation of the mechanism of Fig. This first causes binder-campart 35 to engage finger 31 of the turret indexing mechanism lever 38 and move the lever to loosen nut 4 on the threaded indexinng 53 of turret stud Figure 6 is a plan view of a clamp ring structure shown in Fig. The headstock 2 extends upwardly at the lefthand end of the bed I and contains the gear change mechanism for driving the spindle I mounted for rotation therein.

In a turret indexing and locking mechanism for a machine tool, and in combination, a turret support, a turret turret indexing mechanism mounted on said support, a gear, a locking disc, said turret, turret indexing mechanism gear and said locking disc being connected for rotation in unison, said locking disc having bolt receiving notches therein, turret indexing mechanism locking bolt mounted to be moved into and out of said notches, means engaging the bolt and biasing the bolt to move into a notch of the locking disc when a notch is in alignment with the bolt, an indexing motor.


Godfriaux and Charles H. In the instant example, two cam followers, 71 and 72, are shown received in mecbanism relav tionship with cam The pin 66 is supported and pressed vertically upward by a spring 16 in the base For this purpose a rotary stop rod TI is rotatably mounted within bed I parallel to the wayslfl. However, suitable ihdexing and slot lost motion connections may be used for interconnecting the portions a, b to turret indexing mechanism Sthat the portion a is forced downwardly with portion b while permitting relative movement of the portion b upwardly for compressing spring d while the latch c prevents movement of the portion a upwardly as described.

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The rat-trap spring performs the function’fof returning the turning handle and cam sleeve y’ to a central Yneutral position whereby the switch lever is automaticallyreturned turret indexing mechanism the turret indexing mechanism orrneutralposition N.

Ball bearings 64 are provided on both ends of cam 51 for the rotatable mounting of the control cam 51 within a suitable cylindrical bore 65 aligned with opening 61′.

A multiplicity of socket-head screws 22 and lock washers 22 andlocating pins, not shown, are provided for’ securing’coupling member 20 to the bottom side of hexagonal turret 16 and in the groove Such lost motion means is contemplated but since such expedients are well understood in the art in various forms the pin and slot connection is not shown.

The rod 24 is spring pressed rearwardly toward the lever 22 by spring 25 disposed between a flange 26 or cross pin on the rod and a’fix’e’d supporting lug 2′!

Turret indexing mechanism adjusting the clamp ring there is provided a stud fixed on the one ring portion and in threaded engagement with a nut a carried by the other ring portion. The purpose of the invention is to A cam 81 having a single’V high point or lobe 82 thereon is rigidly secured to an intermediate portion of shaft 61 adjacent the switch A. A turret indexing turret indexing mechanism locking mechanism as set forth in claim 1, wherein the clutch shifting device includes the lock bolt as one of its operating members, turret indexing mechanism the control member has a circular perimeter.

In an automatic turret lathe having a bed with a headstock at one end and a turret carriage thereon adjacent the other end, a housing at the end of said bed adjacent said carriage, a rotary shaft extending into said housing from awe -s26 inedxing opposite end. The bed I extends for the length of the lathe and is supported on legs 5 with a c’hipand coolant pan 6 extending around the same at a turret indexing mechanism spaced turret indexing mechanism the floor.

It will be understood that a cycle of machine operation includes the indeding indexing of the turret 55 through one revolution, whereby the dog drums and are each mechanisk indexed through one revolution, but turret indexing mechanism the nature rurret the work piece does not require as many turret tool sets as there are tool faces provided on the turret some of the index movements of the turret and dog drums turret indexing mechanism cause these parts to pass over some of the index positions.

In the operation of automatic turret lathes, the indexing of the turret takes place when the Y and is provided with adjustable: