TriCaster ‘s already superior real-time effects engine adds an enhanced image rendering engine that produces on-air visuals comparable to the world’s. Included with the TriCaster system, the NewTek TriCaster Control Surface is a natural extension of the platform’s innovation that offers total control. Buy NewTek TriCaster featuring Web/TV Streaming & Live Productions, 24 x Channels / 8 x Camera Inputs Output to 14 Display Destinations. Review.

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Record operation sequences and attach to keyboard shortcuts, control surface actions, or on-screen hotspots.

Audiences will never forget your productions—and they’ll keep coming back to you for more. Program Out Produce a multi-camera show and send the primary feed from the main switcher for live output and tricaster 8000 consumption. Aside from your keyboard and mouse, you now have the TriCaster control tricaster 8000 to control your most challenging events.


Presets A timesaver on every level. Live Desktop Monitors Create a custom workspace layout with your choice tricaster 8000 virtual monitors. The total Tricaster 8000 solution is built to keep pace with the rapidly changing landscape of video production, so you can unleash the potential of your media strategy with unprecedented versatility.

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tdicaster Virtual Set Editor 2. Add one or any number of MIDI devices that fit your application and budget, assign macros to controller buttons, and provide dedicated control over video operations – even meshing them with live tricaster 8000 elements like sound, lighting, effects, and more. Quad Monitor Support Drive up to four local monitors and video tricaster 8000 — the User Interface and Multi-view displays, plus two video-only display ports for additional monitors or projectors.

Visual Indicators Real-time feedback in the form of color-coded visual indicators provides live cues while a production is in progress. And, with tricaster 8000 world’s most powerful integrated effects system, it creates a mind-blowing, custom-branded visual masterpiece.

TriCaster includes a variety of templates to suit any show, and you can even build your own. The prices shown are an estimate tricaster 8000 on the purchase of tricaster 8000 single item with nothing else in your basket.


TriCaster 8000 & Control Surface

To be the first to review this item, click here. With unprecedented capabilities for automation tricaster 8000 control, the more complex your program, tricasger easier you can make it tricaster 8000 come together. Virtual Camera Moves Bring your virtual environment to life with animated virtual camera moves.

Newsroom Events Broadcast Minds.

Advanced Rendering Engine Optimized processing for image sampling, tricaster 8000 and warping producing high-quality video images and cleaner, better-looking video. Live video production has evolved dramatically into a new generation of programming. TriCaster stands apart, from the most subdued triczster designs, to the most fanciful—with ease, thanks to tficaster intuitive, endlessly configurable architecture that puts every tricaster 8000 into the realm of possibility.

Move full-screen or keyed layers around within the shot frame, scale assets up or down to size appropriately, rotate for added effect, tricaster 8000 crop to tricaster 8000 away any unnecessary part of an image. Each display port features advanced scaling, frame-rate processing, and an independently selectable output signal, increasing flexibility for multi-screen monitoring and output. Altogether, the package offers built-in multitrack ISO recording with broadcast, projector, and online output options, completely customizable visuals, powerful 3D effects, video playback, graphics, transitions, virtual sets, and more.

Signal Monitoring Built-in waveform monitor and vectorscope displays allow you to calibrate your signals to be broadcast-compliant and perform other valuable tasks, such as matching color characteristics of tricaster 8000 cameras. Operators can easily keep up tricaster 8000 the higher demands of trivaster production control, and the need to deliver live media to multiple outlets, behind the console tricastrr the TriCaster CS.

At the same time, you can store files to very high-capacity internal drives, as well as hricaster additional, optional external drives. This item cannot be ordered on the web. tricaster 8000

NewTek TriCaster Media Resources

Updates, Upgrades, and Trade-Ups updates upgradesTriCaster systems incorporate a “check for updates” function to ensure your system has the most current support. Awe-inspiring tricaster 8000 visual effects, trifaster sets, graphics and transitions to fit any brand.

Broadcast Output Supply an output signal from your show for transmission over the air for your audience to view. Choose your preferred tricaster 8000, then record your entire program to a full-resolution video file, which you can archive, store and distribute for later playback, or upload to the Web. Add triccaster to any virtual set with four live sources—each with four layers of overlay, all with transitions, sounds, 3D positioning and effects.


Playlist Editing During Tricadter Easily accommodate revisions to the show tricaster 8000 or new content without missing a beat by making changes and updates to media player playlists during showtime. Limited Tricaster 8000 Finance Specialists.

Slide TriCaster into the rack to replace racks of other equipment, or to work alongside your current workflow. Please read tricaster 8000 Terms and Conditions before submitting your request Prior to the point of sale CVP will endeavour to match the price on most products tricaster 8000 but not limited to 80000 following criteria: File Format Interoperability Work with virtually any file format during your live show, and virtually any platform, operating tricaster 8000 or non-linear editor for post-production workflows.

Multi-Format ISO Recording Record multiple channels of video direct to disk with independently selectable file format on all channels, tricaster 8000 effectively trifaster racks of recording and transcoding equipment.

Buy – Newtek TriCaster Channel Multi-Standard Switcher including Control Surface (TCMS)

Full-screen, window, and custom-region display sharing, or local recording of on-screen content, including audio. Frame Buffer Store any tricaster 8000, title, or graphic as a selectable source, or dedicate the frame buffer channel to tricsster shareable watch folder for updating assets remotely, using any preferred graphic design application. Tricaster 8000 to 8 freely configurable, interactive hotspots per input.

tricaster 8000 Production of Any Scale The versatility of the tricaster 8000 TriCaster lets you scale up or down to accommodate every program imaginable. Special Order Update Location close. Multi-view Monitoring Observe incoming camera feeds, media sources and output without an expensive, space-eating bank of monitors.