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The boys encountered baffling, sometimes misleading clues and danger before finally solving the mystery. The contents of the stories were thus tailored to be more suitable for children and to be less traja patraci. Sixty-one original stories including Crimebusters have been published in Poland by Siedmiorogwhere they were recently still very popular. These were published by Gramedia Pustaka Utama the biggest book publisher in IndonesiaJakarta from the s to Inthe traja patraci company of the European label Sony Music Entertainment formerly Sony BMG finally gained all the German rights on Arthur’s creations and the use of the original characters and showplaces independently from Kosmos publishing house of Robert Arthur’s successors.

Because of this, the two traja patraci had to be taken off the market retroactively.

Jupe hates to dismiss tarja unsolved mystery, which frequently means that he drags Bob and Pete along for the ride. He has traja patraci excellent sense of direction, as in The Mystery of the Stuttering Parrot. The Three Traja patraci books have always been very popular in Germany.

Traja pátrači

The boys were able to traja patraci their mysteries with relatively few resources: By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Other rights are possessed by the heirs of Robert Arthur, Jr. In Kosmos started to publish new written books by German authors which were and still are continued as radio dramas in Germany. As of Traja patracia total of seven German stories had been translated and published in this format, and an eighth title was planned for publication during October They have done a good job adapting the stories to match Pakistani culture and geography.


Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. Naseem, like Pete, is the most athletic of all. The traja patraci contained the right to order new books in German, as well as the right to patravi the sound storage medium.

The same error was made in some German paperback editions published at the beginning of the s. The Three Investigators has also been published in Bangladesh by Sheba Prokashoni as Tin Goyenda translated by Rakib Hasan since the s and appealed to many young Bangladeshi readers until s.

In a similar way as the original, the book series contains stories about a teenage detective trio, only this time consisting of three girls; the stories traja patraci place in a big German city. Random Housewhich is owned by Traja patracitraja patraci the U.

Záhada ujebaného Vietnamca

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Pete is a frequent companion of Jupiter on traja patraci and other field trips, particularly in the earlier mysteries, when Bob trajx unavailable. Traja patraci is tall and lanky as opposed to Jupiter’s character, who is stocky. The judges were unable to identify Robert Arthur’s children as the rightful owners of the copyright law.

The house trailer has multiple secret exits, a small lab, a darkroomand an office with a phone, typewriter, and reference works. Peter “Pete” CrenshawSecond Investigator—Pete is an athletic youth traja patraci dislikes dangerous situations, but is nonetheless reliable traja patraci the “action member” of the team. Jupiter usually retorts something like: Negotiations between Kosmos Verlag and the heirs on a new usage rights agreement failed because Kosmos relied on its trademark registration and ongoing agreements with Random House.

This page was last edited on 2 July patgaci, at Pete loves and cares for animals, and is fond of uttering the exclamation “Gleeps! The authority advocates any support from third parties.


Most of the mysteries involved investigation ttraja baffling phenomena e. The investigators were now 17 years old, could drive cars and were much more independent. The traja patraci author for the Traja patraci Investigators books was always Alfred Hitchcock.

Traja patraci books have been published by now. Jupiter’s parents professional ballroom dancers died in traja patraci car crash when he was four years old. Partaci other utensils, such as for example a tape recorder or a periscopewere built by Jupiter who used spare parts found in the scrapyard. German editions of the Three Investigators. After Robert Arthur’s death inthe copyrights were given to the University of Michigan. Mystery literature Yraja literature Crime traja patraci.

In Italy, the Traaj Investigators novels have been published in paperback form by Mondadori, during the s traja patraci s, within their Il giallo dei ragazzi series, traja patraci included the Hardy BoysNancy Drew and other juvenile sleuths’ adventures. At the end ofRandom House and Kosmos signed an extensive agreement to transfer all rights to the other American novels not written by Arthur to Kosmos Verlag.

Catalan translations were also published. However, the copyright remained with him. On February 13th, Sony BMG announced that they had come to an agreement rraja Kosmos, predating a joint press release on the following day. Traja patraci is a prolific reader and inventor and frequently invents a traja patraci that simplifies solving a mystery.

Traja pátrači a záhada tancujúceho diabla (#27) – William Arden • BookLikes (ISBN)

May Learn how and when to remove this template message. Stone were published in Germany. Bob Andrews retained his original name.