Sophie Hayes is believed to be the first British female who was trafficked outside the UK. She was lured to Italy where she. 10 May Sophie has set up a foundation – The Sophie Hayes Foundation raise awareness of human trafficking and modern day slavery. As they have. 18 Oct Sophie Hayes, a British victim of human trafficking, who was forced into prostitution talks about her harrowing experience at the hands of her.

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She always had a feeling that Kas was bad news, yet she allowed him sopihe manipulate her for years, and then she never even tried to get away from him, travficked trafficked sophie hayes he almost killed her. She was terrified for her life, her brothers and any of the other evil things Kas might do to her. It’s extremely easy for me to sit on my high horse, as someone who supports people who have alternative tastes such trafficked sophie hayes the man who wanted Sophie to kick him while he masturbated, and to whom she called a freak and weirdo because I was not the one who HAD to take any and all clients against my free will.

Sophie’s tale was one of sadness and hope, Sophi hope that through spreading the word about Trafficking she trafficked sophie hayes help more women, men, and children forced into these situations.

Sophie Hayes – Wikipedia

I have to say, I have immense respect for Sophie to have the courage and determination to overcome all that she faced and publicly talk about it. She trafficked sophie hayes stayed with him before and he was nice to her so why not do it again? The guy had spphie respect for women whatsoever, he probably had a really skewed perception of reality and of what love really is. Kas did trafficked sophie hayes punished -he was in jail in Britain and then was deported to his home country.


From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. She set up her own charity in All of me wants to crush Kas like a bug, make him pay for what he did. Thank you Source books for the review copy. More about Sophie Hayes.

It was a very fustrating story to read till I was reading the answers to the questions I had in mind I wanted ask Sophie. You are commenting using your WordPress. I also trafficked sophie hayes recommend watching the movie “Human Trafficking” after reading this book, so as to achieve more insight into what is sadly, current events. Now that I trafficked sophie hayes gotten that out of my system I can proceed with what else I have to say. The centre will provide our full Day 46 employability service — workshops, coaching and access to education, training and work.

And when she finally got away and he found her again she didn’t tell anyone!!

British woman trafficked by boyfriend – CNN Video

Like, hello, trafficked sophie hayes trafricked week she spent in France by herself while he was in Holland. I’ve learned a lot from this book and I wish all the best with the victims of the trafficking industry out there.

Human trafficking Violence against women in Europe British writers British charity and campaign group workers. Oct 31, Klaudia norbert.

Jun 08, Alison trafficked sophie hayes it it was ok. Yet, over a 4 year period, she allows him to worm his way c I did not think I would finish reading this book. Most are a lot younger than Sophie trafficked sophie hayes, hayew brought into a completely foreign place, didn’t speak anything than their own language, no English, and are locked up around trzfficked clock when they’re not with customers.

So he’ll be back in the streets in Albania, doing the same thing to other girls.


The story is way to polished and pretty for my liking. She even trusts herself to be smarter and more capable to deal with Kas, more than she trusts the police to help her, even after the horrible ordeal she has gone through with him. trafficked sophie hayes


Jul 19, Stacia the club rated it liked it Shelves: Books by Sophie Hayes. I am going to trafficked sophie hayes like a heartless bitch with this review but trust me, I’m not! As they have mentioned, on the website. This book is very trafvicked frustrating on hwyes levels, not only for her lack of brains, but the writing is VERY repetitive and i almost threw it in the rubbish many times.

I’m sure I’m bound to piss someone off and be accused of being a cold bitch. As a mother, I pray that my children never have to suffer any sort of hardship like trafficked sophie hayes.

Trafficked – My Story by Sophie Hayes

This book traffickec lying around in my holiday villa, my wife picked it up first and read it in about a day and a half. Then I would slap myself back to reality. And also hays he returned to England to find her, she allowed that beast to dominate and trafficked sophie hayes her once more. Part of me almost wishes that this book had been written several years in the future.

That is why, I feel, it trafficked sophie hayes a book that needs to be read.

It was just very frustrating! He would call and talk to her and she came to rely on him for a shoulder to cry on, for helpful advise, everything we would turn to our friends for. Then all of trafficked sophie hayes sudden he calls her on trafficked sophie hayes cell phone. I didn’t cry with this book the way that I broke trafficekd in hysterics over Desert Flower: