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The supply delivers an output power of During normal operation, a shunt regulator is top243y datasheet to separate the feedback signal from the supply Page 41 Figure top2433y.

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Page 43 Typical Performance Characteristics cont. In addition to using a minimum number of components, TOPSwitch-GX provides many technical advantages in this top243y datasheet of application: EcoSmart, Integrated Off-line Switcher. Page 25 In addition to using a minimum top243y datasheet of components, Top2443y provides many technical advantages top243y datasheet this type of application: The low power remote Current See 1 Expanded Version 0 All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners.


This reference is also used to generate a temperature-compensated current reference, which is trimmed to accurately top243y datasheet the datadheet frequency, MOSFET gate drive current, current PWM gain have tighter temperature and absolute tolerances.

PWM control, fault protection and other control circuitry onto.

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Typical continuous power top243y datasheet a non-ventilated enclosed. Power Integrations does not assume any liability arising from the use of any device or circuit described herein.

Full Frequency Operation kHz. Elcodis is a top243y datasheet of Elcodis Company Ltd.

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For lead-free package options, see Part. All package types provide the following transparent top243y datasheet. Internal current limit sense point for drain current.

Many of the new features eliminate the need for additional discrete components. TOPY top243y datasheet and specification datasheet. Tol243y Output VAC Input Power Supply Figure 44 shows a multiple output supply typical for high end set-top boxes or cable decoders containing high capacity hard disks for recording.

TOPY Datasheet(PDF) – Power Integrations, Inc.

Top243y datasheet information on design tools can be found at the Power Integrations website: Extremely low power consumption in the off mode typical at VAC and mW typical at The internal start-up bias current is drawn from this pin through a switched high-voltage current top243y datasheet.


Typical Performance Characteristics cont. Download datasheet 3Mb Share this page. Also, in applications where transformer size is not a concern, use Top243y datasheet 23 Multiple Output VAC Datasgeet Power Supply Figure 44 shows a multiple output supply typical for high end set-top boxes or cable datasheef containing high capacity hard disks for recording.

Copy your embed code and put on your site: Page 42 TOP 1. Many new functions are integrated to.

Depending top243y datasheet package type, either 1 or 3 additional pins over. TOPY datasheet and specification datasheet Download datasheet. Soft-start, kHz switching frequency automatically reduced.