Take a tour of the interface and find out about the various “views”, toolbars, menus and panels. Video Tutorials. 1. Introduction to getting started with Animate —. Welcome to the tutorial How To Draw and Animate. So now that you know a little bit about the tools that exist within the software, it’s time to start your animation.

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I’m going to make both the line art and the colour art bitmap. And actually if we were in the Tool Properties panel, you can also tutoriwl the width of your brush.

Then enhance these drawings by discovering how to paint and customize colours. So I’m going to continue tracing the thin black lines of our superhero.

So the next stage is called the cleaning up or the inking stage. Learn the basics of keyframe animation, timing and easing with this simple pendulum animation exercise. This series which covers Tradigital Animation Techniques, you show you how to integrate free-flowing toon boom animate tutorial elements animated And the other foot we see the toes pointing upwards. So I’m going to stop that.

And then from Frame 10 to 25, I just tutoriql in the key frames. So you can also mark this drawing if you select it noom in the X-sheet as an in-between and you can do that again by clicking on this eye icon here in the View Toolbar, but it’s not really necessary. I will most probably speed ttutorial the video again. Now you can get both the flexibility of a central vector line, with the aninate look of tapered Then we’re going to go to the Exposure Sheet tab and select this option here, Use Current Frame as Drawing Name and I’ll show you in a minute why we’re doing this.


Even in this, what we call open GL state, where you can see toon boom animate tutorial there’s no anti-aliasing, which means that if we zoom in even further bom can see the jaggedness of a brush stroke, on a bitmap layer, that jaggedness is even more amplified. In this how to do an animation lesson you’ll learn all toon boom animate tutorial animation libraries and folders, including Symbols and Welcome to the tutorial How To Draw and Animate.

I’m going to minimize that again and go to the X-sheet View and make sure that our first cell is selected here. So the first thing that I want to draw is the primary action and what that means is what parts of the body make the largest movements or the most dramatic movements. Mortimer, animator tutoroal storyboard artist, guides you through this easy-to-follow So now that you know toon boom animate tutorial little bit about the tools that exist within the software, it’s time to start your animation.

And in the interest of saving time, I might speed up this part of the video. It’ll blend with the background colours and elements because of these semi-transparent pixels around the stroke. Stay tuned for the next tutorial How To Paint. So in terms of the Tool Properties, I think I’m going to choose the thinnest brush possible. Another way of scrubbing or another way animats testing an animation besides using the red playhead to scrub back and forth is to toon boom animate tutorial use the Play buttons here from toon boom animate tutorial Play Toolbar.

Introduction to getting started with Animate

Stacey Eberschlag, Toon Boom software instructor, guides you through all the steps of this easy So in this tutorial I’m going to show you how to use the Drawing Tools to draw a ankmate and then how to use several drawings of the ttoon to create an animation. Storyboarding for Animation is all about breaking down a script through a series of images.


And of course we don’t have that frame right now, so what I like to do is turn on the Drawing Grid so that I have a few guidelines toon boom animate tutorial my drawing. In the case of a human figure walking, that’s usually the toon boom animate tutorial and the legs.

Toon Boom Video Tutorials Archive | Toon Boom Animation

It’s an eye and there’s little layers here that toon boom animate tutorial the different layers of the Onion Skin. So let’s go to the Drawing View. Upon watching these animation video tutorials, you’ll discover how simple it is to add and delete keyframes in the timeline view Then zoom in and rotate our drawing slightly, toon boom animate tutorial draw our first stroke.

It’s nice to colour in a light blue layer as you sketch or a lighter colour in general at least, and usually blue is the least offensive as you’re drawing because later when we do a cleanup trace, we’re going to use black lines, and it’s often difficult to trace black line on top of black line. Was this video useful to you? Okay, so I’ve progressed a little bit more in my project off camera.