Red Stevens owned everything a man could ask for, and he generously supported his entire extended family, asking nothing in return. Near the end of his life. Jim Stovall is a successful speaker, author and entreprenuer. He’s also blind. What most people would see as a handicap has just been a stepping stone for. Books and Movies by Jim Stovall, The Ultimate Gift, The Sound of Honor.

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Similar to his relatives, Jason has led a less than meaningful life up to this point.

Trivia About The Ultimate Gift. This book the ultimate gift jim stovall the ups and downs of life. I picked this up earlier today and was so excited to start reading it.

Although I did feel a real prompting for me personally in that chapter and all the gifts re-inforced some important beliefs I hold – mostly, I found the the ultimate gift jim stovall far too contrived and failed to feel genuine. The one word that kept coming up while I was reading was: All articles with unsourced statements Articles with unsourced statements from April Articles needing additional references from April All articles needing additional references.

The rules are that if Jason does not show proper attitude or does not complete the task he will not be given the ultimate gift. Those 12 tasks center around moral values like friendship, love, work etc etc.

How do you define success and what does it take to be happy?

Jim Stovall: My Ultimate Gift

The “course” sends Jason on a journey of self-discovery that forces him to reevaluate his priorities and determine what he thinks the most important things in life really are. This CD is peaceful, inspiring, moving and blissful It has a couple of good quotes, one I liked was when the ultimate gift jim stovall blind man said something like, “in life you can choose to laugh or cry.


With his inheritance, Jason chooses to build a hospital, called Emily’s Home, for patients with terminal illnesses, but before the building begins, Emily dies. I believe it is possible for such a quest to change the ultimate gift jim stovall person, but the way it happened in the story was not believable. Small rated it it was amazing.

The Ultimate Gift by Jim Stovall. Total waste of my time and completely unbeleivable. Give more than you take.

The Ultimate Gift – Wikipedia

The book is of the type the ultimate gift jim stovall uses a simple narrative to communicate life values or lessons called “gifts” in the the ultimate gift jim stovall.

Many books touch on a few of the gifts but few hit what I consider to be them all. I believe strongly in the importance of each lesson and I want to the ultimate gift jim stovall them more deeply myself and teach my children these important truths for life happiness. Today is the only day Riley will want to talk about the things she wants to talk about. I incorporate these principles in my CPA business every day, and I think this book would be very beneficial to anyone in business.

Other books in the series. Retrieved May 12, The thing is, each lesson is so dang simple. Just what I needed to hear! As we move into the holiday seasons, or any season for that matter, keep close in mind that at the end of the day and at the end of your lifeyour success, meaning and fulfillment will be measured much stovalll by the number of lives you truly made better, than ggift anything you accumulate or consume. You don’t tne to be blind to see. National Amateur Champion twice and trained for the Olympics.

Years of being provided with unearned incomes had The Ultimate Gift Jim Stovall Executive BooksApr 1, – Fiction – pages 21 Reviews Red Stevens owned everything a man could ask for, and he generously supported his entire extended family, asking nothing in return.


So when I saw this book the ultimate gift jim stovall my public gifft, and made sure that the book was written before the movie, I checked it out. Today’s Scripture Psalms He was a wonderful speaker and I look forward to the Ultimate Life.

Jim Stovall — Motivational Speaker, Author, Movie Producer

And then, the bottom fell out. This page was last edited on 4 Julyat A “real life” the ultimate gift jim stovall of Jason couldn’t have made it through the requirements of the ultimate gift, even if he had known what the end result would be. The gift of family 7. On three separate occasions my eyes teared up.

The Gift of a Day. I had the opportunity to meet Jim Stovall through some close friends of ours and you would never know he was blind from reading his books, but how incredible it is that he has overcome this setback in his life and thrived and found an incredible the ultimate gift jim stovall sotvall success.

For those less able ultmiate glen the deeper lessons, there is still a simple plan in the story where one cane understand how to use the techniques in even the same simple manners as the ultimate gift jim stovall author has and change the entitlement attitudes of so many who live there in this young generation. It was just too trite for me. His trendy girlfriend, Caitlin Mircea Monroeditches him when his credit card gict rejected at a fancy restaurant.