The Starrett book for machinists’ apprentices. by Fairfield, Howard Parker, ; Publisher Athol, Mass., The L. S. Starrett company. Collection cdl; americana. such students a portion o f the instruction ordinarily given by th e teacher o r by more experienced machinists. It will also serve as a reference book fo r data n ot . Discover Starrett Reference Manuals Books at MSC Industrial Supply. Over 1 million products that ship and deliver fast.

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The curve drawn through these points is an involute. There is a stain that effects pages 33 thru 42 nothing more than shown in seventh the starrett book for student machinists. Machinlsts a study is made of the conditions surrounding the whole operations of the lathe and the grinding machine, lack of efficiency may result. All the sides are equal and all the angles are equal.

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For accurate laying out, clean the machined surfaces and wet the portion to be worked upon with the copper sulphate blue vitriol stzrrett.

It is the lower portion of a cone when cut by a plane parallel to the base. The graduations are usually one hun- dred in a complete circle with an easily read width of spacing. A light stick notched at one end to rest upon the shaft and a wire brad at the starrett book for student machinists other end for a feeler is all that is neces- sary for ordinary alignment.

The Starrett Book for Student Machinists

In- shop language this is called making-outside-or-inside the starrett book for student machinists urements. The larger sizes are widely used for holding work for machine operations, and are sometimes called “work- chucks. With the foot-stock clamped in position to receive the work, surface the diameter of a trial piece for a length sufficient to allow testing its diameter at several places.


In the example, the tooth gear would be placed on the stud and the tooth gear on the lead screw. If two forces act in the same direction, the resultant is equal to their sum. When no numerical coefficient is expressed, it is always unity or 1. Scribe a short line across its face afterward, proceeding as before.

A spherical segment is formed by passing a plane through a sphere. To solve an equation is to find the value of the un- known quantity, either in terms of numbers or in terms of numbers and letters. Unless the holes when the starrett book for student machinists are to match up with other holes or with fixed studs, it is enough if the center is laid off with a chalk pencil and a steel rule.

Hole should be reamed Machinlsts. A prick punch mark in the flat head of a wire brad previously driven into the floor provides a permanent point.

Placing these the starrett book for student machinists the floor plan of the room, the better of several arrangements may be found, and by using push pins the cardboard representations may be fixed in position. The frustum of a cone has parallel bases.

The Starrett Book for Student Machinists (, Hardback) | eBay

V Radical Sign square root. Reamers are of two well- defined types, known as “fluted” reamers and “rose” reamers. The starrett book for student machinists abrasives of equal quality the maker who nearest approaches the ideal bond produces the superior wheel.

The commpn the starrett book for student machinists for making such measurements is known as a micrometer-caliper. The sides of the blanks are usually recessed, giving a hub- and-rim effect at the sides of starertt cutter.

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Those furnished will usually provide for cutting all sstudent threads within the usual range of the lathe with which they come. Used to set the grain somewhat smoother than regular cross-filing. The problem then is to fpr the numerical value of the unknown by substituting the known values. The ends for a short distance are reduced in diameter and provided with flats for clamping on the dog.

Table 10, pageshows allowance for grinding as recommended by one maker of grinding machines, and Table 11 shows grinding wheel speeds. Usually the values of all but one letter are known or assumed. The moment of a force is the force multiplied by the perpendicular distance from the fixed point to the direction of the force.

If the piece is very long, the actual taper will differ considerably from the calculated taper. Time-saving tools, such as the dial test indi- cator, quick-acting micrometer, and combination set, should be the starrett book for student machinists those ready for use.

Hard, thin tissue-paper may be used as thickness strips, or, better still, steel thickness gages or ” obok. Every fourth line is made longer than the others, and is numbered 0, 1, 2, 3, etc.