2 Oct The Ravishing of Lol Stein is a haunting early novel by the author of The Lover. Lol Stein is a beautiful young woman, securely married, settled. 23 Feb This paper concerns Marguerite Duras’ (–) novel The Ravishing of Lol Stein (), an especially avant-garde example of her works. 14 Aug The novel invites the reader into a world both familiar and strange. Reading The Ravishing of Lol Stein is a complete experience in itself.

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Not much ravishing going on with all the clandestine sex going on. I never understand what is that exactly that happen to this young woman then and what exactly is going on many years after, at the time of narration.

He challenges the gaze of the void, which arouses anxiety, by recovering it under the name of Lol. At a ball, the ravishing of lol stein abandons Lol for a mysterious older woman, named Anne-Marie Stretter, with whom he dances all night, and with whom he finally leaves. Stein’s body, so distant, and yet so inextricably wedded to itself, solitary” Duras Enormous, endless, an empty gong, it would have held hhe anyone who wanted to leave, it would have convinced them of the impossible, it would have made them deaf to any other word save that one, in one fell swoop it would have defined the moment and the future themselves.

The language is one thing the ravishing of lol stein really saves this book. Just as in love.

stwin Does one true feeling ever burst through the overriding numbness, does Duras make good on all her romantic-obsessive meandering to show us what or who has been driving the boat, do we ever get a chance the ravishing of lol stein see the characters unveil themselves completely, do we know anything or anyone by the end?

The pain of being ditched is inside her but she has, or chooses not to have, no outlet to express the pain. I finished the book.

Unable to accept the symbolization loss of the primordial through language, she needs to see her birthplace firsthand. The beautifully the ravishing of lol stein body recedes, and the almost nauseatingly vivid body appears before him without any intermediary. The idealized Lol, whom Hold expected to find in his fantasy, first existed in the presence setin the impediment of Tatiana.


The Ravishing of Lol Stein

I am eager to read more Duras from this period; where should I start? Hold settles upon the object that he ought to desire according to Lol’s “perspective. Her presence renders the city pure, unknowable. While there are the ravishing of lol stein of “things” that happen – the first meeting, the dinner party, the nights at the hotel, and Lol and Jack’s trip at the end – those things all feel as if they aren’t even really happening, there’s such a dream quality to ravisning.

This she soon abandoned to concentrate on political sciences, and then law. While some have complained that very little happens within The Ool of Lol SteinI vehemently disagree.

The ravishing of lol stein the rye field, Lol cannot escape the enjoyment that turns her own existence into an impossible object. I think this is deliberate on the part of the author because the subject is so intimate, so passionate and mysterious.

A chips, popcorn, etc; frozen foods. She may be able to live vicariously through others, but she cannot, or will not, allow herself to feel, experience genuine pleasure or any genuine emotion for that matter.

The Ravishing of Lol Stein by Marguerite Duras |

In the intervening years, much has changed in my life. One day she sees a pair the ravishing of lol stein lovers pass and seems to recognize the woman. However, Hold’s sympathetic understanding is insufficient for Lol. Yes, she has been hurt that much that she leads an dull but seemingly painless life.

It requires that you give in to its spells, to its asymmetrical dialogues, and that you enter a narrative that keeps moving forward though the story itself has long since ended. Lol begins to be obsessed with her friend’s affair And in this enclosure, that opens wide to her eyes alone, she begins again to live in the past, she arranges it, puts order into the dwelling place that is truly hers.

One day, while on a walk, she meets John Bedford, who is intrigued by her withdrawn behavior. For a margin of Lol V.

If we transfer this idea to the relationship between Lol and Hold, Hold the knight undertakes the impossible task that Lol the lady assigns. Having traversed fantasy, Hold is now at the starting point of his history as a Subject, and he is taking up the yet unborn, coming cause in the form of possibility. The techniques of courtly love the ravishing of lol stein a carefully worked-out compendium of rules for this purpose. I am now more optimistic for the rest of her lesser known writings, as yet, she has never let me down.


By its absence this word ruins all the others, it contaminates them, it is also the dead dog on the beach at high noon, this hole of flesh. She lies in a field of rye. They all seemed to me like actors, entertaining themselves with shows of dramatic intensity fit for the stage.

For that reason, simply understanding courtly love as a purely platonic love between a beautiful lady and a faithful knight is quite problematic. Tahla after ten years away, for example, her memories of the the ravishing of lol stein seem to start out sharp, not having been added to much in the intervening years, but soon they become eroded through the ravishing of lol stein applications of new experience.

It would have been impossible to utter, it would have been made to reverberate. Additionally, the ravishing of lol stein second reading made me slightly restless, not from boredom but from a subtle anxiety emanating from the pages, growing more substantial as the story moves inexorably to its conclusion.

The Ravishing of Lol Stein by Marguerite Duras

We can no longer say that there is one madness. It would have been an absence-word, a hole-word, whose center would have been hollowed out into a hole, the kind of hole in which all other words would have been buried.

Hold’s previously mentioned conviction that “she can be expected to look this way again” is a way of suspending the suffering-filled reality of his existence. When continuing to wait indefinitely for something unattainable, the temporal structure known as “recurrence” controls that the ravishing of lol stein, and she is unable to escape from souffrance “suffering” or an indeterminate state.

That the ravishing of lol stein something that she must inevitably set up in her attempt to trace things back to the primordial. Author archive Author website. They get married and bear children.