THE PARTY IS OVER TP HIGH RES This book is about America’s broken political system: how it got that way, who benefits, and who loses. It is about the. The Party Is Over has ratings and reviews. Hana said: Having read Mike Lofgren’s book I really do understand the populist appeal of both candidates . 59 quotes from Mike Lofgren: ‘Let’s face it: The Republican Party is no longer a broad-based conservative party in the historically accepted sense. It is an.

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Many the party is over mike lofgren think tanks, like the Center for American Progress, handle the same executive branch usurpations that they criticized when Bush was in office less by explicitly praising them for that would be too blatantly hypocritical as by adopting a see-no-evil approach.

As for China, it barely registered at the time. A sane review of the US national political tne by a former Republican senate insider.

Read that credit report carefully. It’s a tirade, but it’s a tirade worth reading.

Both Sanders and Trump appeal in very different ways to the powerless and disenfranchised. Brightly Raise kids who love to read.

He concludes with some possible fixes, such, getting money out of politics voters need to think and demand accountability of their elected leaders. They would not let him in.

THE PARTY IS OVER by Mike Lofgren | Kirkus Reviews

The kind that parth truly conservative in t Why haven’t I heard more on this book? It is an oligarchy with a well-developed public relations strategy designed to soothe and anesthetize its followers with appeals to tradition, security, and family even as it pursues a radical agenda that would transform the country into a Dickensian corporatocracy at home and a belligerent military empire abroad.

He’s very up front about this, and uses lots of anecdotes from his time on Capitol Hill in the writing. Most concise and precise discussion of our broken political system I have read. The The party is over mike lofgren Brothers and other billionaires.

The Party Is Over

I was first introduced to Mike Lofgren’s writing thanks to a powerful and thought-provoking essay on what he calls the Deep State. All Quotes Add A Quote.


It does not include laws restricting access to legal abortions. Lofgrenn 31, Clif rated it it was amazing. They seemed to want to comfort the comfortable and afflict the afflicted in the middle of the worst economic meltdown in 80 years. It is about how politicians use intensely lofgrdn ideological issues as bait to energize their political base — and to divert that the party is over mike lofgren away from the one overriding political issue in our society: When the New Right increasingly began to displace them in all three of those arenas, some liberals lofhren turned into ineffectual whiners and lifgren, or ivory tower escapists.

It is about the growing domination of the legislative process by corporate money and the corresponding decline of the idea of a broad public interest. This is from a guy that knows.

It was a good enough book, but as I suspected, reading it made me feel very, very depressed. With this attitude, establishment Lofbren only mirror the right-wing Republicans who cheered the PATRIOT Act, denounced criticism of illegal wiretapping, and favored all manner of of illegality. This is why tax increases on the wealthy have become an absolute Republican taboo.

Roosevelt and Dwight D. The rating agency turned out to be right: View all 4 comments. Open Preview See a Problem? Aug 27, Pages Buy. Lofgren astutely points out that defense spending is the personification of inefficient spending, and it creates no jobs. Did you know that according to one poll, the number of people who feel that Congress is doing a good job is lower than the number of people who would like to see America go Communist?

I particularly recommend overr for younger voters who may be the party is over mike lofgren the deciding the party is over mike lofgren in the spring primaries.

He has good reasons to be angry but the the party is over mike lofgren, while witty, is too predictable to be illuminating–at least to me. As painfully true as the book is to read, I say this is a must read book, part of it border on a rant, but in a way that is the point of the book. The fawning of military cheerleaders such as Joe Lieberman and Lindsey Ovee reached such extravagant lengths as would have made Caesar blush. I must really say that I thought the writing in this book came off more as a bitchfest by someone who has is disgruntled by something bad that happened to him in Washington.


The audiobook reader, at first funny but eventually tedious, added quite a bit of crotchety old man to the delivery. The Republican Party is no longer a broad-based conservative party in the historically accepted sense.

That is the heart of his most important argument. Like the essay that inspired it, The Party Is Over is forceful, convincing and seductive.

Some ten years into my the party is over mike lofgren on the Hill, unions ceased to be the political power and source of lkfgren funding they once were.

Oct 30, Jud Barry rated it it was ok.

Introduction “to the Party is Over” –

Lofgren devotes close attention to budget issues rarely accorded so much detail in garden-variety op-ed lifgren. This book verified all the feelings that I’ve had about American Politics over the past 15 years or so. And this, from his full chapter on the Democrats, lays out what many progressives and probably many independent voters feel after Obama’s first term: Democrats who expect this book to be a diatribe against Republicans alone will be disappointed.

I’ll encourage you to read those recommendations for yourself. Why haven’t I heard more on this book? Aug 04, The party is over mike lofgren added it Shelves: It became complacent and began to feel entitled to its near hegemonic position in politics, culture and the media. Lofgren, who has a B. From tolofgden was budget analyst for national security on the majority staff of the House Budget Committee.

There might even be one or two brewing the party is over mike lofgren I write.