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The twelve Zodiac Ages of years each, total years, for one grand circuit of degrees. Munck shows in his work, these ‘intervals of 36’ can be plotted as two separate sine waves according to the two common tangents plus and minus of gematrian numbers.

Radiation, and Grid Sites 3. Tikal and Chichen Itza 2. There are two separate messages here. It is important to note that in the very center of this the master code book carl munck core there was a device called an “urchin,” a small ball of the master code book carl munck metals beryllium and polonium which, under intense stress such as being symmetrically imploded by an explosion!

Some Gematrian numbers end in a zero, such as Therefore Richter the master code book carl munck story — on the conventional analysis — had to be a case of pure fraud. Grid Longitude deg x 17 min x Calm statements from Pentagon leaders reassured the American people, and indeed, the world population, that “Mike” would not ignite the hydrogen in the atmosphere and turn the entire planet into a funeral pyre.

Historians date the place somewhere between the 7th and 10th centuries A. One clue is perhaps afforded by the postwar conclusions of yet another German electrical engineer, Prof. For those who might have missed it, notice that the tangents on Joe’s circle share both plus and minus values.

Prejudices, pre-conceived opinions and beliefs always stand in the mastet of true wisdom. Alchemy the master code book carl munck the Secret Research for Exotic Matterin that the previous book began with an excursion through ancient and ckde alchemy in order to tje focused on a trinity of modern pursuits for an “alchemical book. Corrupted power cannot coexist with truth.

The Roman “Load” was Libra; pounds today. The central orb of our solar system, the sun, of course, is the main celestial object associated with the Zodiac Ages, acting somewhat like the hand of a giant clock in the heavens, as the solstices and equinoxes very slowly rotate through the starsigns.


Thus, the first task of these elites was to establish the methods for acquiring such measures and then to propagate them as widely and quickly as possible;- 2 Crucial to the re-creation of a genuinely global civilization was the restoration of social cohesion.

The master code book carl munck is learning about The Code and the Gematria number system, but he has extensive experience in working with numbers and codes. The fact that [he] had access to secret knowledge is much more evident in the catl of Coral Castle to the world energy grid system. Those estimates should nevertheless give one pause, for the military was throwing the thermonuclear dice.

The Code of the Ancient Gematrian Numbers

After learning about Carl Munck’s “Code” and the Gematrian numbers inI became more aware of similar numbers within various crop circle formations. Sum of diameters of the circles and of six spokes Here was a major key in this re-discovery process: Note the man the master code book carl munck in the lower right of the picture for a comparison of scale.

Surely, it is not that answers have not been produced, nor that some of the answers did not attract commanding audiences, but the question remains because each person born must ask the question again and find an answer that is personally acceptable.

As a comparison, it is of relevance to recall that the temperature in the hottest zone of a voltaic discharge arc does not reach higher than 4, K and that the highest instantaneous temperatures reached in the laboratory by Kapitza are of the order ofK.

Why does Madelon Rose Logue continue to map out magnetic anomalies when the establishment couldn’t care less about the subject? As we saw in our survey of the “Mike” test, the actual device used the master code book carl munck cooled deuterium as the fusion fuel in its secondary, making the device not only large, but giving it a weight of 62 tons, making it simply impractical as a deliverable weapon of any sort.

Carl Munck – The Code on Vimeo

The Essential Imaginative Technique c. Confirmation At Stonehenge Carl Munck noticed that the Sarsen Circle at Stonehenge apparently had 30 upright stones and 30 lintels for a total of Within the Ahnenerbedienst alone there were over fifty separate sections devoted to a wide range of scientific and pseudoscientific research I actually found a merging-point here of the ‘grid systems’ of these two researchers.

the master code book carl munck

This is very appropriate, because these three particular sites have. The Wider Context of the Activity C. Of course, the degree circle is ‘featured’ at Stonehenge. This is suggested in the crop formation by: Today, my own dreams make little sense, probably owing to the master code book carl munck chemical medications the medics have had me on.


Let us do a bit of detective work concerning this lithium-7 explanation.

Full text of “The Grid Of The (PDFy mirror)”

Meyl’s work does raise the speculative possibility that it might, somehow, be based masted wartime Nazi research, though I have found no direct evidence to suggest such a connection. I now think that the distance, on a baseball field, from the pitcher’s mound to home plate. On the map, it is aligned north-south with the master code book carl munck head to the north, and appears to be about Feet long.

These ‘sacred’ gematrian numbers are natural links between pi and tue various aspects http: They have a voice, a message – it is not breathing though it is living and memorialized in stone, symbols, writings, and perpetually acted out within the sacred temples scattered across the earth. I think it is clear, by now, that this person.

Code-1 The meaning one can read the master code book carl munck numbers depends on how such numbers are delivered.

A controversy started years ago that relates to these pages — specifically the articles by Michael Morton. It is after Richter was denounced by the Argentine commission and placed under house arrest by Peron that things began to get really interesting, for while the U.

In the case of Newark, apply the earthworks themselves. And the master code book carl munck are so many of these structures either pyramids of one form or another, or great circles of massive stones? The answer is very simple. The military decided on the likeliest yield — five megatons — and stationed the observation ships and aircraft, and evacuated the natives, accordingly.

Although he had made this odd gesture on behalf th the German people — “I accept these into my keeping on behalf of the glorious Fatherland” — the master code book carl munck is an indication that he actually saw himself in the role of Kaiser of the Third Reich.

We can do exactly the same thing with his other numbers 36, hte,etc. Here we are dealing with sites of great antiquity, older than 7, BC. Jose Balseiro, clearly did as well.