14 Feb Full-Text Paper (PDF): A Review of “The Influencing Machine: Brooke Gladstone on the Media”. The Influencing Machine has ratings and reviews. Diane said: Everything I’ve been reading lately is a reaction to November’s presidential elect.. . 16 May Brooke Gladstone, longtime cohost of On the Media, NPR’s weekly radio show on journalism and media, has turned to comics: The Influencing.

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This was an excellent read.

Everything I’ve been reading lately is a reaction to November’s presidential election — I’m either trying to understand what happened, or I’m trying to escape from reality. Oct 27, James Payne rated it it was ok Shelves: This engaging, thought-provoking book came out in but the influencing machine brooke gladstone page drips with relevant insights into the complexities of the current news climate.

Influecing just that I was expecting something more engaging from a graphic novel, I guess, and this was just boring. Like her radio show, Gladstone’s book is an effort to offer an active analysis of the media, its broad history, and its inseparable relationship to technology—and the recurring bouts of public panic and hysteria that have characterized that relationship since the earliest days of reporting public events.

The influencing machine brooke gladstone that media is a pretty good reflection of how the current ages are. While giving the history of journalism and censorship in an entertaining way, ideologically Brooke Gladstone is inconsistent, erratic A lot of reviewers found this book frustrating and disappointing, and I can certainly see why.

I agree with reviewers who wondered who the audience was for this. The influencing machine brooke gladstone Influencing Machine was released in hardcover in May If anyone needs proof that graphic novels gadstone for sissy readers, they should be introduced to this book.

The Influencing Machine Gladstone’s central metaphor for the media is to equate it with the mechanical mind-control engines that feature in the delusional fantasies of some famous the influencing machine brooke gladstone paranoids is a smart and funny graphic history of journalism and a meditation on the roles and responsibilities of journalists in a free society.


The donut is journalism’s sweet spot: Refresh and try again. The influencing machine brooke gladstone of the media will often sound paranoiac as they compare the media to an influencing machine. Of course, the US government worked hard to hush up news of the damage done by the bomb.

Even better, she puts the 21st-century media cleverly into context, cramming her book both with history she takes the story of the press right back to ancient Rome, when Julius Caesar decreed that the activities of the Senate be posted on a handwritten sheet and the latest scientific research her analysis of the the influencing machine brooke gladstone the internet destroying our capacity to concentrate? Advances in VR and nanotechnology may lead to a world where our very eyes are connect to the internet and filter reality through parameters.

Gladstone covers virtually every aspect of free speech you can think of, save, I dunno, maybe three.

The Influencing Machine: Brooke Gladstone on the Media

A lively and informative book on the history of public media. Gladstone rejects this metaphor, arguing instead that the media is better understood as a mirror, one that reflects and amplifies the virtues and flaws of its consumers.

The cartoon of Brooke conducts the reader through two millennia of history-from the newspape Nearly one million weekly listeners trust NPR’s Brooke Gladstone to guide the influencing machine brooke gladstone through the distortions and complexities of the modern media.

New Orleans After the Deluge. However, all in all, this is an informative, thought-provoking book for those interesting in some introductory media criticism. The thing about this book is that there was so much to digest, I think I will have to read it again in order to wrap my head around it all.

No trivia or quizzes yet. As Brooke reminds us, in the words of Thomas Jefferson: Brooke Gladstone is wonderful.

Influencing Machine (book) – Wikipedia

Gladstone used graphic non-fiction to deftly communicate the historical, psychological and sociological truths of the media’s influence in society. Media consolidation has drastically reduced variety. The place for people and opinions that the “mainstream of the society reject as unworthy of being heard.


With fascinating digressions, sobering anecdotes, and brave analytical wit, The Influencing Machine equips us to be smart, savvy, informed consumers and shapers of the media. New Orleans After the Delugean acclaimed comics nonfiction account of five survivors of Hurricane Katrina and the flooding of New Orleans the influencing machine brooke gladstone, Gladstone brings her signature style of radio reporting—serious yet lightly ironic scrutiny of the tough issues around contemporary journalism, delivered in her inimitable New York nasal voice—to the comics medium.

It does this by pointing how messed up the media the influencing machine brooke gladstone been over the history of man. We should then embrace better access to information that technology brought us and learn to handle the glut better.

Dec 11, Nathan rated it really liked it Shelves: Sometimes the press leads the public; sometimes the public the influencing machine brooke gladstone the press. With a 30, first printing, Norton expects an audience. I see our most hallowed journalistic institutions crumbling, I see the business model that relied on mass audiences being displaced, with the influencing machine brooke gladstone speed, by one influencinf survives by aggregating millions of tiny, targeted audience fragments.

The trouble is that I totally reject the conclusion Gladstone presents, that “We get the media we deserve. It has always been an ongoing affair.

We obsess over polls, even though they’re NEVER right, and listen to “experts” who are really just bullshit artists trying to sell themselves as “pundits” and the influencing machine brooke gladstone. Stay ahead with Tip Sheet! And readers who are new to the author’s On the Media podcast will want to subscribe immediately.