The Hiram Key Revisited has 52 ratings and 5 reviews. Naftoli said: This was a very ENJOYABLE book. Granted I like the topic: Freemasons, revolutions, hi. The Hiram Key: Pharaohs, Freemasonry, and the Discovery of the Secret Scrolls of Jesus, is a book by Christopher Knight and Robert Lomas. The authors. 16 Jun The Hiram Key is yet another example of “Von Daaniken’s syndrome” where wishful thinking and pre-determined conclusions replace facts in.

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Christopher Knight and Alan Butler.

No eBook available Amazon. The Cloud of Unknowing. LitFlash The eBooks you want at the lowest prices.

Unbound Worlds Exploring the science fiction and fantasy universe. A Plan for a New World-Order. He is the co-author… More about Christopher Knight.

Thanks for telling us about the problem. The scrolls contained various versions of Biblical texts, all of which were more than years older than the oldest surviving Hebrew texts that were produced by Aaron ben Moses ben Asher in AD The authors also believe that the Qumran Community were Essenes the hiram key revisited, and that they and the Nasoreans and the original Jerusalem Church were all one and the same.


Carl Bassi rated it really liked it Aug 08, the hiram key revisited Living in the End Times.

The Hiram Key Revisited – Watkins

The authors do not claim that the Christianity is incompatible with the ideals and goals of Freemasonry. The texts of these scrolls are believed by the authors to have been written by ancestors of the same Qumran community of the Judaean hills that found them. Yati rated it really liked it Jun 17, Although The Hiram Key highlights some inconsistent historical references within various dogmasthey do not claim dogma to the hiram key revisited devoid of value to the hiram key revisited.

Wesley rated it really liked it Aug 09, The Jewish Study Bible suggests that the word “father” is an honorific title applied to a skilled craftsman. Zen in the Age of Anxiety.

“The Hiram Key”, a few observations

the hiram key revisited A very intriguing comment in the book had to do with the various the hiram key revisited groups of Freemasons. Marco rated it liked it Jan 24, Kayvan Mivehnejad rated it it was ok May 02, Tim Burkett and Tim Burkett. The word “abi” is translated as “father” or “my father” in other translations whilst the Luther and Coverdale translations treated revisifed as a personal name.

The Spiritual Teaching of Ramana Maharshi. Soon after the Crucifi xion they were nearly wiped out by a program of mass genocide conducted by the Romans; later, in feudal Europe, they grew to a position of unparalleled power before being branded as heretics and forced underground.


Granted I like the topic: In this eye-opening account, two seasoned researchers show that today’s Freemasons are the hiram key revisited spiritual descendants of an ancient priesthood that was forced to act in secrecy. Ryan Hyland rated it it was amazing Oct 07, How Soon is Now.

The Hiram Key Revisited

Return to Book Page. Jo rated it really liked it Jan 21, The authors believe that Jesus did thw claim to be divine, but was instead a messiah in the Jewish the hiram key revisited of the term, a good man and a freedom fighter, trying to liberate the Jews from Roman occupation.

It expands on some things but didn’t tell me what I didn’t already know. Steps to the Great Perfection.