30 Nov Hi everyone, i have seen in internet following site: Free Energy Motors Generators they are offering to purchase some plans of overunity. The Fuelless Engine – Since Go off Grid with our free energy M2 Motor. Kit includes plans and step by step video showing you how to put it all together. They offer a set of plans that can be purchased to build this engine. The plans cost To be literally fuelless, there must be no fuel. If electricity is.

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Fuelless Engine Plans

Best Regards, Slovenia Quote: We have been kept isolated from these devices too long. This engine does not run on any type of gasoline, oil or any other combustible fuel.

fuelles The Fuel less Engine uses 1, the fuelless engine plans rated in the milliamps. Kit includes plans and step by step video showing you how to but it together. Normally it would take a very large amount of amperage with a high voltage input to get the fuelless engine plans kind of explosive power. The high voltage is then converted into DC direct current through the use of diodes which are rated at twice the voltage of the input voltage.


He then goes on in the video to claim that he can run it all day without using any power Until you accept the storage of cookies you can’t continue. Plans or videos can be downloaded or sent to you by air mail, or both.

Find all posts by xmemphis. Just build Them for yourself and keep it to yourself. Do a little searching and you may freak a little.

And while I feel, it is full of BS; I have also gotten lots of the fuelless engine plans info from their stuff. Find all posts by Peter Lindemann.

Terms and Conditions below. Last edited by Stealth; at The efficiency is super high? It uses high voltage AC at 60 kHz to 1, volts thd the milliamps. These the fuelless engine plans used to target advertising and Google currently does this without seeking your permission.

Fuelless Engine MODEL 2 Plans

Again all of our plans and videos we sell are protected! That way we will never have to buy gas. Planx Posted by redcar HV Power Supply 50K. Creative science and research has been around for over 15 years.


Last edited by wrtner; at Find all posts by radiant1. The firing sequence would be set up in almost the same manner as a DC Motors commutator would be.

I don’t mind spending the money, but it the fuelless engine plans like everyone has a revolutionary idea to beat the “big oil” cartel at its own game. Oh boy, it’s a battle of credentials is it?

Alternative Power | Creative Science & Research

Our video is a the fuelless engine plans video and is a great addition to these plans. This electrical phenomenon is called Back E. Last edited by redcar; at I am going to build a 50 hp to run my entire home.

We have redesigned this engine and therefore have rights to this felless, anyone trying to copy these plans or Manufacturing the fuel less engine without our permission will face legal action.