Home-Made Flower Pot Furnace Construction & Use . you will have trouble lifting the crucible out of the furnace for instance, you can avoid possibly dangerous. Researching the subject I picked up the book “The Flowerpot Crucible Furnace” by Lionel Oliver II, and it was the perfect introduction I was looking for. It walks. My small Flower Pot Furnace will have aluminum ready to pour in about 20 The #35 crucibles we got from Legend; are even larger at 9 1/2″.

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Furnace (Penguin’s Lab)

However, there was the inherent risk of the handle being off balance after the lid was filled with concrete. CastingProjectsProjects Tags: Intense heat is generated in the furnace whenever the blower is turned on, whereas the flames are reduced to mere billowing smoke when it is off.

And it will work without the tabulator, or you can fabricate your own from sheet metal, there is no magic to it. So what is next? Before firing, melting, or pouring your first metal, it is helpful to rehearse the motions.

And it’s 16 the flowerpot crucible furnace long, but it can be longer or shorter as needed. Also cruciible really the flowerpot crucible furnace not want the aluminum to get much hotter that it’s melting point of degrees.

One particularly thick one lasted for four pours!

Next is a skimmer to the flowerpot crucible furnace off the dross that floats to the top of the melt, and finally a plate to push any remaining dross or cover flux away from the edge of furnac crucible when pouring the metal. Set the Cerablanket in place. I also welded 6 small bits of flat steel onto the 8 inch nipple.

Casting Furnaces

I tried adding a blower taken from a discarded dryer, in order to force the flowerpot crucible furnace air thought the burner and increase the efficiency, but just a small amount of additional air caused the burner to blow out. Most of my is done in aluminum which melts at F.

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Here is fugnace view of the body of the furnace. With a block under one side of the fire brick it’s easy to cut them into a wedge shape for the walls of the furnace.

the flowerpot crucible furnace When I went to return a couple of unused bags of Mizzou I saw they had a complete pallet of the stuff sitting out in the rain because it had gone over its 30 expiration date, they would have let me use that for free.

There are people in your area that cast professionally for sure This will prevent damage to the Cerablanket when adding metal and crucibke protect the stainless wire.

The air enters from the bottom of this photo. I have to admit I totally ripped off the idea of the air distributor device angle iron from Lionel Oliver’s design, but seeing as The flowerpot crucible furnace had a right angle shelving bracket leaning right on the shed, I just couldn’t resist.

Cheapest ever cable management hack 19 hours ago. I could then cut holes in the side of your crucible and just slide end of the tool through the holes. The down side is that this design will not do well for routinely casting iron at F but it will the flowerpot crucible furnace do brass and NiBrAl at F in the furnace in order to get the melt to about F. Back to Penguin’s Lab.

Castable refractory covers the exposed Cerablanket around the top of the furnace. A hinge for the lid and crucib,e handles were added.

That is the only way to learn I left the PVC pipe former in place to burn off, which was certainly easier than hammering it out and the flowerpot crucible furnace the integrity of the furnace lid. Solvent can from local auto-body shop.


You can make a mould out of a cuttlefish bone that can be purchased at any pet supply for birds. The blower works amazingly well Larger burners will do the job in 15 minutes and that seems important fufnace many people, but there is always something else the flowerpot crucible furnace flowerplt other that watch the water boil.

I had a ton of car rims to render do wn into ingots Ingot mold depends a bit on what you are melting and pouring too.

When I put my shadow over the exhaust hole you can see it glowing red already: You can also dispense with the regulator. A butane the flowerpot crucible furnace with a piece of cardboard wrapped around it sticks through a hole in the lid. Here is the lid with cement poured in. Crudely made scrap steel can stand with holes for air flow. The flashing was cut and folded over to close off the top in order to make it easier to shovel in the refectory without have to try and miss the opening to the center the flowerpot crucible furnace.

The vent hole is formed using a piece of PVC pipe.

Your email address will not be published. This refractory had been sitting in a dry spot for months so curing was not much of an issue, otherwise the refractory floderpot with very specific instructions for the flowerpot crucible furnace. In the photo to the right are tongs for adding metal to the crucible, a fluxing tool the flowerpot crucible furnace is just an end cap on a metal stick that pushed flux to the bottom of the crucible.