In The Financial Expert, R. K. Narayan once again transports readers to the southern Indian town of Malgudi. This story centers around the life and pursuits of . Download Citation on ResearchGate | The Financial Expert | In The Financial Expert, R. K. Narayan once again transports readers to the southern Indian town of. 7 Feb Full-Text Paper (PDF): R. K. Narayan’s The Financial Expert: The Role Of Passion For Money In Margayya’s Inauthenticity.

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One of the very first books on Business and finance coming out of India. He works from a wooden box fxpert carries around in which he keeps paper, a quill, and an inkwell. Graham Greene was an early Narayan admirer and helped bring his work to attention in the West. All the accumulated wealth was disbursed. Narayan are the best I have read in any language for a nrayan time.

We follow the successes and of Margayya, the “financial expert” who lives in Narayan’s fictional Malgudi. His wealth had made the financial expert rk narayan become the Secretary of the School Managing Committee.

The Financial Expert – Wikipedia

Harold Brown’s life is going to change, and he doesn’t even know it yet. Share your thoughts with other customers. And this is only my exlert, I’m in no position to talk of the financial expert rk narayan great work but for me it seemed similar To start off lightly, this book like any other R. The language used is the exact style one hears in South India.

A must real for all financial chemists out there interested in the alchemy of finance.

It does not matter. One thing which made me really laugh is the passage of the “philosopher”-personage who speaks about Natayan language problem in India. Many who have given bad narayyan to this book have to understand the Indian society and living around 50 years back.


His first novel, Swami and Friends and its successor, The Bachelor of Arts, are both the financial expert rk narayan in the enchanting fictional territory of Malgudi and are only two out of the twelve novels he based the R.

The language is so simple that twelve year olds can read and understand it. To ask other readers questions about The Financial Expertplease sign up. Now available in paperback.

The Financial Expert Summary

It was now necessary for him to own a car. A very good story set during the financial expert rk narayan late ‘s and into the ‘s. He wrote fourteen novels, five volumes of short stories, a number of travelogues and collections of non-fiction, condensed versions of Indian epics in English, and the memoir My Days. Has this self-centered unpleasant man learned anything? The bankers object to what they see as the financial expert rk narayan meddling with their clients.

Being a devoted fann of Narayan all I can say is, never say die, but with a smile! See All Goodreads Deals…. I am not quite sure why I am rating this book 3 because I enjoyed the book immensely. Your recently viewed items and featured recommendations.

Book Review: The Financial Expert

And that is what he was in terms of finances. In fonancial depiction of Margayya, Narayan has succeeded in humanizing him and showing that despite his lust for money, he is a human being like us.

Want to Read ri. Return to Book Page. He advised his son to take his place under the Banyan tree with the old box.

In this case, Margayya is a composite of two real-life people, one an actual middleman who performed the services Margayya does at the beginning of the novel, and a high-flying financial wizard who was incredibly rich for a short time before crashing and landing in jail for his shady practices.


Through the story of Margayya we understand money, the value of scale in business, the complicated relationship between thrift and riches, a man’s, even a strong man’s weakness for his progeny, how trust can lead to a smart man’s undoing and above all else, greed – both in ourselves and of others. There is this the financial expert rk narayan lord who is being requested the financial expert rk narayan all his tenants from a long time to put “wires and bulbs” as the electricity has come to Malgudi by now and this guy is a big miser so he keeps it hanging for quite long and then finally when he realises that stories won’t work any more then he comes the financial expert rk narayan with a killing line “I have ordered it directly with General Electricals so that we get the best quality so it will come through sea and hence will take some time” which that time used to be months as the only mode was water ways!

The story drags without much happening and then suddenly it ends with as much logic as it started. He was on the right side of the police, contributed to the War Fund when driven to do so, and worked day and night with his accounts and money bags, though his wife was unhappy at his straining himself so much.

I hope that many more people are lucky enough to discover Mr. Apr 24, Debosmita Paul rated it really liked it.