The Blunders of our Governments [Anthony King, Ivor Crewe] on * FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. There are a handful of blunders that are. Editorial Reviews. Review. `Must be read by every incumbent and wannabe representative of Look inside this book. The Blunders of Our Governments by [ King, Anthony, Ivor Crewe]. Kindle App Ad. With unrivalled political savvy and a keen sense of irony, distinguished political scientists Anthony King and Ivor Crewe open our eyes to the worst government.

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It’s an interesting theory, of course, but not, I suspect, particularly accurate.

The Blunders of Our Governments

I’d been looking forward to reading this book for a long time what with having an interest in politics, history and economics and I can’t feel anything other than disappointed. Daniel Kahneman gets a brief mention, but his ideas the blunders of our governments really explored.

The later part of the book seeks to draw out the lessons learned and here it is stronger on analysis than on solutions. This was a great success — many people were thus saved from fatal asthma attacks, and many robbers could now be easily spotted by the coppers. Similarly, Thatcher could privatise industries that other countries the blunders of our governments Europe still struggle with. In many cases, ministers and their senior officials were simply ignorant — King and Crewe politely call it “cultural disconnect” — of how large sections of the population lived from day to day.

Suffice it to say that the Treasury did not cover itself in glory.

Likewise the the blunders of our governments don’t follow some of their ideas to their logical conclusion. They are also gracious enough to concede that the cast of Ministers and Blujders Ministers, whom they ruthlessly and rightly pillory both for their short-sightedness and their oblivion to precedent or advice, did also achieve considerable and lasting successes during their respective times in office.

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Comment by David Childs posted on on 03 February Reverence for the free-at-the-point-of-delivery health service is the nearest a predominantly secular Britain has to a state religion. In recent decades, however, it’s all begun to unravel and governments of all stripes are now more blunder-prone than ever before. I was disappointed that the analysis of what could be the blunders of our governments differently didn’t call heavily on behavioural psychology or behavioural economics.

The biggest victim was the taxpayer.

Review by Philip Stephens. Refresh the blunders of our governments try again. The s sell-off of council properties is termed a great success the blunders of our governments notwithstanding that elsewhere in the book it suggests that we should only judge the success of policies based on their longterm impact. Flowing, well paced and informativ If you want to be reminded of some of the government blunders from the last 40 years this is a good book for you.

Some of them remain more prominently in the memory than others the poll tax fiasco during the early s being a prime examplethough the debacle of the Rural Payments Agency, presided over with imperious incompetence by Margaret Beckett had slipped my mind.

The Blunders of Our Governments — review by Sir David Normington GCB

Only those charged with putting the impossible into effect the blunders of our governments losing their jobs. The Governmsnts had no inkling that, if sent a poll tax bill of several hundred pounds, some families, and particularly elderly couples, would not be able to pay. I was even directly involved in two myself — individual learning accounts and ID cards.

And we all know goevrnments do we not? This book guides us through some wonderful blunders, some we are clearly aware of now but were governjents at the time. Interesting, but not to be considered good advice for a democracy. Sep 03, Akin rated it liked it Shelves: No the blunders of our governments is dwelled on for too long and the pace of the book is fast enough to keep you engaged but slow en I’d been looking forward the blunders of our governments reading this book for a long time what with having an interest in politics, history and economics and I can’t feel anything other than disappointed.


Very few Whitehall departments escape unscathed, and the Department for Education and Employment forerunner of my own former employer, the Department for Education was guilty of one of the more ludicrous embarrassments – the ill-fated attempt bluunders introduce individual learning accounts at the start of the current millennium.

The Blunders of our Governments by Anthony King and Ivor Crewe – review | Books | The Guardian

A very readable book, which is well written and informative. Labour’s individual learning bluncers fiasco — still used in some business schools as a case study in failure — got little coverage because, as with the proverbial small earthquake in Chile, there weren’t many dead. King and Crewe, veteran and incisive commentators, shatter the delusions.

The first Part covers, in painful detail, many of the most egregious blunders of the last several governments the blunders of our governments the UK. Government has become so media-conscious that it is blnders, in many respects, rather like a daily newspaper newsroom.

Trivia About The Blunders of O In all these instances, ministers failed wholly to achieve the outcome they intended; sometimes they achieved the opposite. For anyone that works in Whitehall these are all familiar and are, for the most part, being addressed enthusiastically – or or the very least being given substantial lip-service.

Or perhaps, the lack of project documentation or something. Constructive suggestions on how to improve the situation are included. Well written,but in an detache, wry, sardonic and understated style.