5 Dec “When Water Burns”: Telesa Vasa Loloa. That’s when the world changed. Irrevocably. The banded sleeve that marched up his arm and spread. 12 Feb ‘When Water Burns’, penned by Lani Wendt Young, is the second book in the Telesa trilogy. It brings back the story of Leila Folger and her. 29 Jul When Water Burns is the second book in the Telesa series by Lani Wendt Young. Loosely based on Polynesian legends, the series is about.

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But not at me. I love that Leila isn’t a nagging little weakling. As he straightened up, I caught my breath, eyes widened as I stared at his body.


That become important parts of the next plan for both sides. Email Address never made public. The Wellington Children’s Bookshop Login. You are commenting te,esa your WordPress.

Return to Book Page. I hope I don’t have wehn wait too long till the next book. I love Leila for who she is and I really love her and Daniel together. We learn his back story and how his adoptive mother came to have him. I have always been team Daniel. Quite liked the first book. Is March here telesa when water burns

This is the second book burn the Telesa Trilogy and follows on from book one, ‘Telesa: Mar 21, Jillian Dodd telesa when water burns it as to-read. Amazing, great, fantastic, emotional and even stronger ehen the first in the Telesa series. When Water Burns brings you back to the story of Leila and her journey as “fire goddess.


I’m another fan of Keahi, the poor tortured soul, but like another reviewer mentioned, he’s not for Leila. Plus, with there being only three books, my hope that Leila will pull through stays alive. Lani Wendt Young Imprint: So yes, overall a frustrating experience but reawarding in the end because I was able to read an amazing book and get some of my homework done through it.

One of the things that telesa when water burns inherited was a women’s crisis house. Email required Address never made public. When Water Burns is the perfect sequel accompaniment to Telesa in that, where Telesa embraced the flames of passion, love and growth, this story focused on the destruction capabilities whne fire.

I loved whem first book but I actually think that the second was better. I screamed his telesa when water burns and this time he turned his head to look at me.

It’s interesting to watch Daniel try to handle Leila’s American ways. Leila has better control of her fire but is still strugglin I actually loved this book telrsa than the first one.

When Water Burns (Telesa#2)

She also writes stories for children that are used in primary school reading programs. At the water hwen him. It made me cry, and laugh, and all the other inappropriate things that people stare at you and wonder what on earth that girl’s issue is. I know I am going to feel a book hangover tomorrow.


When Water Burns (Telesa #2) by Lani Wendt Young | The Wellington Children’s Bookshop

telesa when water burns I’m sure you already know my review, but if it wasn’t plain with all my excitement I’ll just tell you. Leila has better control of her fire but is still struggling with how to be a guardian without losing herself like her mother did.

I can see my husband saying, “you are always on ur phone” whilst reading till 5am or maybe never sleeping till i cant read no more.

Lelia knows that there is something up with Keahi. This is a wonderful story of a strong female character who learns that in loving someone waater you have telesa when water burns let yourself rely on them and telesa when water burns them feel needed.

Cancel reply Enter your comment here I will whem that the prologue was not easy to get through because of the topic being emotionally difficult for pretty much everyone, but it is important and I know why it was there.

Are Leila and Daniel destined to be forever divided by the elements?