Package and be sure to submit the Day Form to Tarion on time. The Day Form is used to report “warranty items” – items that are part of your home and. or call us at TARION When completing remember to a Day Form Once a Day Form is completed 1. To take. Tarion will only accept the first Day Form that is submitted. If you do not submit a Day Form before the submission deadline, you may submit any.

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It is based on a visual examination of the readily accessible features of the building. Tarion will provide to you builder a copy of the statutory warranty form you submit to us. More than one Second-Year Form may be submitted. We caution you that we will not be able to detect all deficiencies or shortcomings with the house due to the restrictiveness of a visual inspection. The fee charged for this general inspection is less than that of a technically exhaustive inspection, which would involve a number of specialists, a longer inspection time and a significant increase in the cost of the inspection.

What happens to illegal builders who are caught? You May Be Interested In: How accurately does this answer your question? How do I enrol a home with Tarion? The required repairs to the building include, but are not limited to, what is reported herein due to the limitations and restrictive nature of the visual inspection.

If the client requires AllMax Home and Property to proceed with a more comprehensive inspection, the client would be required to pay additional fees for those services with the appropriate specialists, independently of this agreement. Some intermittent problems may not be obvious on a Home Inspection because they only happen under certain circumstances.


Submission by regular or registered mail is not advisable during a general interruption of postal service e. We also include any items that were previously listed on your pre-delivery form but not yet addressed by the builder.

Testing of household appliances are not within the standards of practice of a home inspection. Can I submit attachments with my statutory warranty form?

This video provides a helpful overview of MyHome. A Year-End Form may be submitted to Tarion during the last 30 days of the first year of possession. This includes wiring, heating, cooling, structure, plumbing and insulation that are hidden or inaccessible. The inspection does not take into account eligibility for mortgage insurance, building or home owners insurance.

If a form is sent by registered mail and the postmark is missing or illegible, the date on the receipt given to you by the post office will be used. A Day Form may be submitted to Tarion during the first 30 days of possession. Call our inspectors at or Contact us online. Tarion will only accept the first Year-End Form that is submitted.

Hamilton Thornhill Burlington Mississauga Brampton. Can I send a copy of my statutory warranty form to the builder through MyHome? A Second-Year Form may be submitted to Tarion at any time during the second year of possession. The client is hereby warned that not all deficiencies will be discovered. This consulting service is limited to the physical evidence that was visually accessible at the time of inspection.

Homeowner Information Package

Is my home covered by Tarion if my builder is not registered? Unless specifically requesting this service the determining the presence of mold, fungiasbestos and other indoor air quality contaminants are specifically not included in the standard home harion.

Other systems and conditions which are not within the scope of the building inspection include, but are not limited to: If your inspector identifies any concerns or if you have any concerns yourself about potential environmental hazards, it is your tarrion to engage the services of a qualified harion specialist to provide a full environmental of the house and property before proceeding with the purchase of the home.


The report, issued by the inspector, is prepared with reasonable skill and care.

30 Day Tarion Warranty Inspection

It is not intended to reflect the value of the premises, nor make any representation as to the advisability of purchase. Where are Tarion’s offices located? What does the new home warranty cover?

When and how do I make a warranty claim to Tarion? Tarion and your builder will only accept one day form submission so we make sure your form is properly filled out and that it is complete in your best interest.

More than one Major Structural Defect Form may be submitted. You should list on the form any items that are covered under the seven year major structural defect warranty.

The inspection and report are not intended to be technically exhaustive, or to imply that every component was inspected, or that every possible defect was discovered.

Aurora Markham Newmarket Toronto Oshawa. Please send us an email. You may also want to review our video, ” Warranty Forms: For these reasons, the client or their representative must obtain prior to completing the purchase agreement, a legal disclosure from the vendor regarding their knowledge of any history of leakage or major structural and electrical harion during or prior to their possession of the inspected property.