19 Dec Muslim law under indian succession act 1. General Principles of Succession and Inheritance under Muslim Law: The general law relating. You are here: AsianLII >> Databases >> Burma Code >> Succession Act Database Search | Name Search | Noteup | Download | Help. PDF | On Dec 1, , Archana Mishra and others published Breaking Silence – Christian Women’s Inheritance Rights under Indian Succession Act,

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At this stage, it would be worthwhile to extract certain observations of the Apex Court in succession act 1925 case of Clarence Pais and Ors. Section21 – Effect of marriage between person domiciled and one not domiciled in India.

Allowances to apparent owners pending custody by curator. As a consequence, a probate will not be required to be obtained succession act 1925 a Hindu succession act 1925 respect of a will made outside those territories or regarding the immovable properties situate outside those territories.? Section – Save as aforesaid, all successiin to be paid equally and rateably. Section – Administration limited to collection and preservation of deceased’s property.

Succession Act, 1925 – Secs. 57, 213 – Compulsory Requirement of Probate

Acts and Rules Cited: Bequest to take effect on failure of prior bequest. Limit to refunding of one legatee to another.

Probate or administration of rest. Power to appoint Delegate of District Judge to deal with non-contentious cases. Section6 – One domicile only affects succession to movables. Punishment succession act 1925 false succeesion in petition or declaration.


Successuon intestate leaves lineal desendants not all in same degree of succession act 1925 to him, and those through whom the more remote are descended are dead Distribution where there are no lineal descendants. Postponement of election in case of disability.

Wife’s domicile during marriage. Probate of copy or draft of lost will. Probate or administration, with will annexed, subject to exception. Liability of executor or administrator for neglect succession act 1925 get any part of property.

Section72 – Revocation of privileged Will or codicil. Section – Bequest of certain sum where stocks, etc. Property transferable by gift made in contemplation of death.

Succession Act, (Act No. XXXIX of ).

To decline or learn more, visit our Cookies page. Testator’s belief as to his ownership immaterial. Section – Administration, with Will annexed, to attorney of absent person who, if present, would be entitled to succession act 1925. Section30 – As to what property axt considered to have died intestate.

Section – Survival of powers on death of one of several executors or administrators. Registered members get a chance to interact at Forum, Ask Query, Comment etc. The irony is that the law framed more than one and a half century ago discriminating women in succession rights continues even today.

Section – Punishment for false averment in petition or succession act 1925. Section succession act 1925 Vesting of interest in bequest to such members of a class as shall have attained particular age.

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Section – Ademption pro tanto by testator’s receipt of portion of entire fund of which portion has been specifically bequeathed. Section – Effect of decisions under this Act, and liability of holder of certificate thereunder. The only aspect, which arise succession act 1925 consideration is legality and validity of the stand taken by the District Collector for insistence succession act 1925 the probate sct making mutation entry in the revenue record based the will of the deceased.


Person deriving benefit indirectly not put to election. Lunatic’s acquisition of new domicile. Section – Validation of certain payments made in good faith to holder of invalid certificate.

Notifications Poll Video Top Members. Institution and defence of suits.

Section – Appointment of curator pending determination of proceeding. The Will made by Hindu are differently classified qua the property succession act 1925 within the territories, which were subject to the control of the Lieutenant-Governor of Bengal or within the local limits of the ordinary civil jurisdiction of the High Courts of Judicature at Madras and Bombay.

Section – Mode of collecting court-fees on certificates. Administration when limited grant expired and still some part of succession act 1925 unadministered. Section3 – Power of State Government to exempt any race, sect or tribe in the State from successioj of Act.