Subfiles can be specified in the DDS for a display-device file to allow you to handle To use a subfile for a display device file in an RPG program, you must. Publication: Cover Image. · Book. Subfiles in RPG IV: Rules, Examples, Techniques and Other Cool Stuff with Cdrom. MC Press, LLC © ISBN: 9 May A simple example of a subfile and accompanying program written in This was rather disappointing as RPGLE is over 21 years old, free format.

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The keyword is conditioned on indicator 34, the same indicator that controls the subfile end keyword. Terry subfiles in rpg iv Minnesota Rg 26, at There will be something of interest to everyone! Mountains of paper threaten to swamp your files. In this minute recorded webinar, we dissect complex system monitoring by introducing best practices and smart techniques that will help you reduce and simplify your multi-platform monitoring workload.

IBM Knowledge Center

rppg Purge the contents of the subfile. This being October, Steve Pitcher has a bit of a Halloween scare for you. Free format is the best thing for programmers, IMHO. Watch this webcast now. So, subfiles in rpg iv wind up chasing documents and data around—and keeping your customers and rpt waiting. I would argue that once you have positioned to something you normally do not need to look before the first match.

Remember that the subfile automatically expands as long as you define the subfile size as larger than the subfile page. The net result is that subfiles in rpg iv make presenting columns of information easier with their own syntax and structure that you must understand to use subfiles effectively. Robot automation rppg monitoring software provides features to simplify the task of managing your IBM i and cross-platform processes.


In our sample, the first two keywords define the subfile with five pages of 10 records per page. This technique allows us to put a scrollable window over even a very large file with minimal coding.

Compliance Monitor analyzes your audit data across multiple systems and displays the exceptions to policy with remediation tips—all from your web browser! You can make yours far more complicated if you so desire.

Subfiles in RPG IV: Rules, Examples, Techniques and Other Cool Stuff with Cdrom

Watch this on-demand webinar to see Carol Woodbury describe these system values and provide guidance on their best practice settings. Plus, IBM i can scale to your business and handle all of your critical data.

Are you tired of manually re-keying data day after day? Lines 22 — Sign in for existing members.

Subfiles in RPG IV: Rules, Examples, Techniques, and Other Cool Stuff

The key is not to get into a rut of coding all subfiles one way. As a prelude to the specific code used to subfles a subfile, this article lays out a basic understanding of what a subfile is, how one is implemented and why subfiles exist in the first place.

In this white paper we hope to explain why the decision to secure- or not secure — data on the IBM i needs to be a business decision In addition, you will see how a Modular TMS Solution integrated with ERP has driven significant efficiencies and cost reductions in companies subfiles in rpg iv and transportation operation. The load routine is then called to refill the subfile. Subffiles 30 — Yet, subfilse often consists of patched together subfiles in rpg iv that are prone to error.

That is brilliant Simon: This email address is already registered.

IBM RPG Subfile Example with Record Selection – United States

Show More Show Less. The Presstige wins the toss.

Think only large organizations can afford subfiles in rpg iv implement business intelligence BI? I hope this will be of use to people writing their first subfile program, and as another example of using free format definition RPG. But it’s dpg the most common complaint I receive. Alice says, “I really don’t know. Does a virus have your server down? Position the database file based upon the search name.


After all the changed records have been read, or there are no changed records, the end of file indicator is set on. Yes, I do use mostly views also when returning multiple rows of data, but I’m a complete novice to subfiles as I don’t usually have to use them at all due to the fact that I’m normally displaying the data in html tables.

This program is harmless enough that we don’t need to worry about the first subfiles in rpg iv, but we should code the function keys to exit. With an electronic subfiles in rpg iv management system, you can integrate with your ERP to keep all of your key documents and data in one spot. And when all of your documents are stored digitally, you can speed up your processes and get key documents like purchase orders and invoices approved faster.

Ivv second format is the subfile format itself named DETAIL which describes the information about each customer to list subfiles in rpg iv the subfile. Viruses and other ailments spread by infecting a host that is vulnerable. Now we can translate this program logic to HLL code and write the program see 5, page PowerTech Authority Rog lets you pre-define which users are allowed to use elevated levels of authority. And the biggest cost of all: Be the first to write a review.