sleeping-car. Among them Ivan Osokin, a young man about twenty six. Osokin is visibly agitated although he tries not to show it. Zinaida is talking to her brother. 2 Apr Ivan Osokin is a man in his middle twenties; he is feckless, undisciplined and broke. He’s had many chances to make good in life, but has. 11 Jun Strange Life of Ivan Osokin by P. D. Ouspensky follows the struggle of Ivan Osokin to correct his mistakes when given a chance to relive his.

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Nov 30, Sally rated it really liked it Shelves: Benim okumayi sevdigim, icinde kendimden bir seyler bulabildigim, sonuclar cikarabildigim bir kitap.

As might be expected, this magician is gravely mysterious about the work of his school — the real school that every normal boy vaguely imagines and soon forgets to look for — except that to enter it sacrifice is needed. Jul 24, Tamas Oosokin rated it it was amazing Shelves: Only at the end of In Search of the Miraculous, when he was moving away from Gurdjieff, does the author himself appear.

Thanks for stirring my thoughts, Michael! More than half a century ago, Ouspensky saw that a true, more objective osokinn with their own life is only realized by most human beings at certain quite accidental moments, and that cinema is uniquely fitted to reproduce the real history of a man through showing a series of these deep impressions not peak experiences and the strange sense of “not existing” which connects them together.

In my opinion, it’s well worth your time. Either way, it invites the question of why Ouspensky would tell his story in this fashion. Still, a good read.

This is something each individual reader will have to make up iva own mind about, because Ouspensky is reaching for a puzzle that in most of us is deeply buried. Perhaps that’s how the original itself reads, and perhaps that was Ouspensky’s intention.

Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here He tells a magician of his woes, longs to begin his life over again, then he can change things for the better. We would have married and had kids, and I would have settled down to look for the answer to the meaning of my life elsewhere, between the demands of a banal dayjob, and changing poopy diapers. Nevertheless, I think that detracts from what is otherwise an excellent story.


Strange Life of Ivan Osokin

To view it, click here. All in all, Ouspensky studied the Gurdjieff system directly under Gurdjieff’s own supervision for a period of ten years, from to It may be that many of the decisions we make are indeed unconscious — but I also think the biggest mistake we can make is to hand over responsibility for personal change to someone else. While lecturing in London inhe announced that he would continue independently the way he had begun in Thanks for telling us about the problem.

Ivan Osokin bids the woman he loves, Zinaida Krutitsky, farewell; she is od on a trip to the Crimea and he is not coming, professing his own jvan and in spite of her own frustrations. And this sacrifice has to be a voluntary decision. When Osokin wants to finish his tragical life, he meets a magician, who can return him in time, but gives him a warning that nothing will change anway.

Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: And she warns she won’t wait for him more than a couple of months.

Mar 21, Marzia Giuntoli rated it it was amazing. May being the key word. Thus, Osokin arrives once more in the latter part of his childhood, just before the time he was expelled from school for being a prankster and a sluggard. I regard this to be too manipulative and generally unacceptable in context of the outlined philosophy – why should only some be saved, and why only under the rule of the authoritarian magician? But in spite of the economy practiced in other parts of the book, Ouspensky, who doubtless watched many Osokins reach this moment of choice, does not fail to end the story with a detailed account of how Osokin’s thoughts again began to circle while he pondered his final dilemma—and how this time something of the magician’s influence entered and acted in him.

No trivia or quizzes yet. The title is an ironic commentary on this experience. Strange Life of Ivan Osokin 3. Nor does the magician really imply that he can even help Osorkin in any meaningful way… except, perhaps, in the most crucial way!

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Strange Life of Ivan Osokin

You may find Osokin tiresome in of himself, but you may also see many of his most tiresome qualities in your own behavior. Strange Life of Ivan Osokin Russian: Be the first to ask a question about Strange Life of Ivan Osokin. Jun 12, Elena rated it liked it. You are commenting using your WordPress. Image from Book Zoo in Oakland. To conclude, this book is neither a philosophical guide, nor a romantic Russian drama, for me it represents an indistinct mixture of author’s impressions stranve having read Nietzsche and Tolstoy.

The first sentence of the book follows logically from the last sentence, so you could strante it forever. The magician assures him things will be no different, but grants him his wish anyway and sends him back twelve years. The strange life of Ivan Osokin.

We leave Osokin contemplating whether or not to hand himself over into the care of his magician — as Ouspenski was perhaps also doing in Dec 25, Julio Loo rated it it was ok. Events happen around him but not to him, as if life was a dream in which he did not really exist.

In describing Osokin’s meaningless punishments at school, his unresolved feelings as a young man, his aloneness and the half-real dreams about what his life will become and the women he will meet, Ouspensky is obviously writing about himself.

The Russian mystic author, Ouspensky, in stfange apparently believed in free will, but he also knew how extremely difficult it is to enact it. I suppose I enjoy more of a Sartre-esque novel where the lessons are there to find much like those warp whistles in S.

Kitap bana cok sevdigim birinin tavsiyesi ile ulasti. Osokin, in a certain sense, already knows the future. Although so deeply committed to writing that he often ivann, not altogether jokingly, that it was actually a part of his nature, P.