23 May Krishnakarnamrutham krishna. Ocr language not currently OCRable. Ppi Scanner Internet Archive HTML5 Uploader Sri krishna. SRI KRISHNA KARNAMRUTHAM is a beautiful composition of verses describing leelas (past times) of Lord Sri Krishna. This develops prema bhakthi in the. Krishna Karnamrutham In Kannada: Source 1: | PDF Link | Text Link. ⇒ Krishna Karnamrutham In Gujarati: Source 1.

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The doe eyed lady seeing the image of, Krishna who was dancing and playing, On the pillar made of pearls and gems, Thought it too was another Krishna and divided, The butter in her hand in to two halves.

Even in my future births, let all my body parts. Madhuryena dwiguna sisuram vakthrachandram vahanthi, Vamsee veedhi vigaladha amrutha srothasaa sechayanthi, Madvaneenaam viharanapadam matha soubhagya bhaajaam, Math punyaanaam parinathiraho nethroyo sannidathe. Blessed with the taste of nectar and the beauty of meaning are your words, With your broad eyes karnammrutham according to the context, Especially showing lovely emotions,when you talk with love To the Gopi maidens mostly consisting of sweet nothings.

I am hunting for the lord, who is the well matured sweetness, Whose mrishna wins over the water laden black clouds, Who is extremely playful, who karnamrtuham his hair with peacock feathers, Who has a mind stealing lotus like face, who steals the glances of Goddess Lakshmi, And who takes care of all his devotees of this universe.

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Sri Krishna Karnamrutham – Hindupedia, the Hindu Encyclopedia

Let us be protected by the incomparable light, Which hides krnamrutham it is tightly embraced by the breasts of Gopis, Who are interested in music and dressing up, Which is being worshipped by the pleasure of their love play, And which is interested in wandering in the sand dunes of Yamuna.

Even while I am at the end of my life and am in my death bed, When All the activities of my body have become weak, Oh God, let your pretty playful face along with, The soulful music from your flute reside in my mind. The author sings mainly about two stages of the life of Krishna -the childhood and youth with a few references to later stages of His life.

May you live hundred years. Let us be protected by the God of this world, Who has lips which are smiling, Who plays cool nectar of music from his karnamrutam, Who has eyes which travel hither and thither, Who has side long glances with the pride of youth, And who is being embraced by the goddess Lakshmi kaarnamrutham his chest. The very pretty lotus like face of the Lord assumes, A perplexed look when he himself starts appreciating, The soulful and strange music ,that flows from his flute.

With a face which is complete with prettiness, With a smile which shows the capability of sweetness, And with a vision reflecting youthfulness of mercy, His form fulfills the avarice of my eyes.

As he likes to decorate himself with peacock feathers, All other ornaments appear not necessary to him, And his face is decorated kriishna different types of thilakas [10]. The mantra for worship in that manner has 33 beejaaksharams and is made up of Sri Rajagopaala Mantra’s 18 letters and the 15 letters of Sri Pancha Dasakshari of Sri Vidya.

In one place he is made to shake by those playing the music of Veena, In one place he is egged to dance with his anklets to the music of Veena, In one place he is made to sing along with the music of veena, And the son of Devaki played flute extremely well. I salute the youthful phase of Lord Krishna, Who was capable of winning, God of love by his prettiness, Who was similar and so related to Clouds, Who was the lover of the lasses of Brindavan, Who used to appear with lot of ornaments, Who had a lotus like face which was smiling, Who had reddish lips which were full of sweetness, And was in the gate way of ebbing youth.

Let us be protected by the king of Yadhus, Who is surrounded by Gopa and Gopis, Who while sitting on the throne, put a Thilaka by musk, On the forehead of Rukhmani sitting on his lap, Touching with glee her breasts, Which lead to a smile at each other, Which was the worship of the God of karnamruthqm they both did. Let him who is having a whip in his hands as red as the hibiscus flower, Who is wearing moving ornaments like chain, gem studded ear rings and waist belt And whose face is all over coated with drops of sweat, And who is as blue as a water rich cloud and Who is an ornament to the chariot of Arjuna protect us.


I pray, that cowherd who is the full moon of GokulaWho is more attractive than love God Sitting below wish giving tree, And playing the flute sweetly, And is in between cows, Gopis and Gopas. Who krisjna my door?

Oh Krishna If at krishja time I have full faith in you, Then I would get salvation and is it necessary, To tell that other small pleasures would automatically follow? I salute that child,as the wish giving tree of Brindavana, Where pecock which is the steed of Subrahmanya dances On seeing the black hair of Krishna thinking that it is a cloud, Where Nandi the bull of Lord Shivasmells out the cows passionately, And where the elephant Iravatha the steed kxrnamrutham Indra learns to walk from Krishna.

Let all our problems be solved by the child Krishna who is a rogue, Who when kissed by Gopis as he was a child tasted their lips, Who karnamrutbam embraced as a child, caressed their necks till they are red, And who when sfi make him sit on their lap made them, Squirm with shyness by touching again and again their private parts. And did rituals to protect the baby and let those protect all of us. Surrounded by Gopalas trained in the art of minding the cows His hair decorated by the peacock feathers, And with the tunes of his flute which are greater than soul, And his heart warming up by plays with Gopis, Is Krishna and may he protect us.

Victory, victory victory to God, Whose name brings all the good to the three worlds, Victory, victory, victory to the God child Krishna, Whose incarnation is sweet to hear and see and to the mind. Let there be victory to the young man, Who wears the feathers of the steed of Subrahmanya as an ornament, Who applies to his body the red paste of the sand stone of Meru Mountain, And whose hair is drowned by the flowers rained by the deva maidens.

Oh Child of Vruja clan, may my eyes permanently see pretty form of yours, Whose eye brows are pretty and curved like the bow of the God of love, Whose eye brow hairs are thick, whose eyes which bear the devotion of devotes, And the passion of the Gopi maidens, who keeps shifting glances always, Whose indistinct prattle is ebbing with the essence of kindness, Whose lips which ooze out nectar are deep red in colour, Whose music coming out from the flute is heard permanently, And his body which is black like a dark cloud is bewitching krishn world.

In his early life, he had an illicit love affair with Cintamani, a dancing girl who was a musician and harlot. Madhura madhura bimbe, manjulam manda hase, Sisiramamrutha vakye, seethalam drushi pathe, Vipulamaruna nethre, visrutham venu nadhe, Marakatha mani neelam Balam aalokayaama.

The Power of Now Eckhart Tolle. Looking for beautiful books? I meditate on the incomparable cowherd boy, Whose reddish lips defeats even the red coral, Who entertains us with sweet music from his flute, And who has very pretty face like that of a lotus. Thaditha mupanatham thamala neelam, Tharala vilochana tharabhi ramam, Mudhitha mudhitha vakthra chandra bimbam, Makharitha venu vilasi jeevitham may.

Mother, What lord of Yadus, give me cup, What is the need, to drink milk, No it is not now, when is the time, at night, when is night, when it is dark. Let my mind constantly dwell on the feet of Krishna, Who is a help to the ladies of Vruja, who has a body blessed with youth, Who has all the good living in him, who has a smile with karnamrutbam jasmine bud like teeth, Who is the sun to the lotus mind of sages and son of king Nanda gopa. Who is being decorated by torrential rain of happiness, And shining by the intense desire, Who is decorated by ebbing childish pranks, Who appears clearly in the mind of the holy souls, Who is an ornament for the gokula blessed with wealth, Who is sir and is far beyond the reach of words, Who is like a sea for happiness and is shining, And who cannot be adequately described by any one.


This great work was composed by Sage Leela Shuka karnajrutham to the last sloka of the first chapter. No, it is the holder of wheel, Is he a potter with a wheel? There is a Telugu translation of this work, as early as inby one brahmashrii kArmanchi subbharAyalu nAyani. I surrender to that primeval God who blesses with all that is good, Who is the treasure house of beauty, who is the home of all the wonders of the world, Who is the natural habitat of glow, who is the limitless giver of salvation, Who is the essence of the rain of nectar and who is the result of good deeds of Gopis.

Except near the breasts of the pretty Gopis, Who had peculiar type of lines in their hands, And the heart of great sages meditating him, And below the trees of the pleasant Brindavan, Where else can we see the great Lord? The continued experiences with a very karnamrjtham heart, Of the great wealth of divine happiness of Krishna.

Sri Krishna Karnamrutham

TVS Rao notes and cites some other works of this poet as:. Andholithagra bhujamakula nethra leelaa, Mardhra smithar dhrava vadanambhuja chandra bimbam, Sinjena bhooshana satham sikhi pincha moulim, Seetham vilochana rasayana mabhuyupaithi.

Let those playful acts which are wanted with great desire, Appear in my mind on their own and be present there. Let my mind karnamruthqm with the son of Nanda gopa who is the secret lover of gopis, Who is the thief stealing butter from the pot and a sun to the lotus eyes of Lakshmi. Though his subjects are people living in huts, Though his friends are few cowherds, Though his garland is the rope used to tie the cows, Though the people paying tribute to him are his cowherdesses, Though krishhna ornaments are peacock feathers and red stone from mountain, And though the real truth about him is like this, This Krishna is called the Lord of three worlds.

I meditate always on the Gopala [17]Who holds the bow, scented flower arrows, Wheel, conch, goad, and a golden flute, Who is reddish like saffron, Who is prettier than God of love, Who has an ever smiling face, Who is surrounded by Gopi lasses, Who is a protection for the three worlds, And one who gives boons to those who ask.

Telugu literati have voluminously proved this poet to be a Telugu poet, resident of shrIkAkulam on the riverbanks of krishna. Saluted by Gopis who are blind with passion, Served by the sages who like are going round like bees, And shining red like kzrnamrutham lotus flowers, Are your feet, Oh lord and my salutations to them.

He started his masterpiece called Krishna Karaamrutham with the slokam:. I depend on Krishna the child cowherd, Who wears a peacock feather, Who is surrounded by loving Gopa maidens, And who keeps the flute near his pretty lips. In my heart he created a stir, By the sight of his ever shifting eyes, With his heart full of happiness and joy, And the young pretty damsels of Vruja, Saw his body and drowned themselves in the sea of joy.

Let our wishes be fulfilled by the pretty form of Lord Krishna, Whose body shines as he eats new butter and drinks new milk, Who is pretty being coated with curds all over his body, Who removes all the great sufferings of the people of three worlds, Who is of the blue colour of the new tender leaves of mango, And is decorated prettily by the use of peacock feathers.

I sing about the body of the Lord.