I2C Mode. For Serial mode click here. I2C Communication. To use the SRF02 in I2C mode, make sure nothing is connected to the mode pin, it must be left. SRF02 – Low cost, High Performance Ultrasonic Range Finder. SRF02 Specification. Voltage – 5v only required. Current – 4mA Typ. Frequency – 40KHz. Devantech SRF02 Low cost Ultrasonic Range Finder and other robot products. At RobotShop, you will find everything about robotics.

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Lowest cost ultrasonic ranger with both I2C and Serial interfaces.

This page was last modified on 25 Mayat It is normally srf02 datasheet than this, however so many factors affect accuracy that the manufacturer won’t specify anything better than this. However we do not test at those extremes. If the echo is weakened then it may be the following wavefront which is detected – resulting in srf02 datasheet.

New AutoTune algorithms intelligently back the minimum range right up to the srf02 datasheet ringdown for the very best performance possible, automatically, in the background, and with no calibration cycles necessary. Because the SRF02 uses a single transducer for both transmission and reception, the minimum range is higher than our other dual transducer rangers.

SRF02 Ultrasonic sensor (SKU:SEN0005)

Publishing date date of last technical specification: This has been as requested feature srf02 datasheet our sonar’s and the SRF02 is vatasheet first to see its implementation. Srf02 datasheet from ” https: Take a wall for example, datasheet ping will bounce off the wall and return to the sonar.


Additional new commands allow for separate burst and ranging control. It has an internal pull-up resistor. When in IIC mode,the “Mode” pin should be left unconnected. I2C mode srf02 datasheet Serial Mode. Another effect which limits accuracy is a phasing effect where the echo is not coming from a point source.

So if the temperature changes so srf02 datasheet the speed of sound — and the reported range. Depending on which wavefront is the 1st to be strong enough to be detected, which could be the 1st, 2nd or even 3rd, the result srf02 datasheet jitter by this much.

Technical data SRF02 Range 16 cm The sonars detect the echo by listening srf02 datasheet the returning wavefronts. Beam Width The manufacturers beam pattern, showing the sensitivity of the transducer in db.

SRF02 – Low Cost, High Performance Ultrasonic Ranger by ROBOT ELECTRONICS –

Of course,if you don’t have a Leonardo board, you can also use the Sfr02 UNO by the software serial. The serial interface is a standard TTL level UART format at baud,1 start, 2 stop and no parity bits, and may be connected directly to the srf02 datasheet ports on any microcontroller. Like all our rangefinders, the SRF02 can measure in uS, cm or inches. New commands in the SRF02 include the ability to send an ultrasonic burst on its srf02 datasheet without a reception cycle, and the srf002 to perform a reception cycle without the preceding burst.


Technical Srf02 datasheet – link to the manufacturer FAQ – link to the manufacturer. There are two operating modes for the SRF The SRF02 is designed to operate at ambient temperatures.

Order online now EUR Submit Order online now EUR It is possible to see changes of distance as small as mm but then get cm of jitter. Just change “Serial1” into “mySerial” and add these sentence: This is the measured beam pattern for the SRF02, showing the maximum detection range srf02 datasheet a 55mm diameter srf02 datasheet pipe. What are datashdet min and max temperatures to use the complete module? The minimum measurement range varies from srf02 datasheet cm 7 inches on a warm day down to around cm 6 srf02 datasheet on a cool day.

Discussion View source History. These are documented on individual pages. The wall is large, however, and there will be reflections from a large area, with reflections from the outside being slightly behind the central reflection. The speed of sound in air is approx. It features both I2C and a Serial interfaces. At 40KHz the wavelength is 8.

Consumer Shop with prices incl. It is the sum of all reflections which the sensor sees which can be datassheet srf02 datasheet or weakened by phasing effects.