Spirit-Controlled Temperament has ratings and 51 reviews. Tracy said: I read this book over a decade ago and I still have the book. I found it fascin. The Best-Selling Classic on Who You Are and Who You Can Become. TIM LAHAYE. Spirit-. Controlled. Temperament. Tyndale House Publishers, Inc. by Tim LaHaye. Temperament provides both our strengths and weaknesses. God has given Christians the Holy Spirit, Who is able to improve our natural.

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The 4 Spirit-Controlled Temperaments. This book was very good. While I feel like some of the opinions laced through the book are outdated, I do think that there’s particular value for Christians tdmperament The idea of four temperaments seems to me a bit simplistic—though, as mentioned in the book, there’s value as well in such simplicity to help people distill what is immediately actionable. It is the sprit-controlled of your natural temperament modified by childhood training, education, and basic attitudes, beliefs, principles, and motivations.

Character is the real you. To overcome your weaknesses, you need to a confess them as sin everytime it happens, b believe that God has spirit-comtrolled you victory and c abide in Christ by reading and doing His Word.

This book really taught me a lot about the Holy Spirit and about myself, as well as why you can suffer spirit-conttrolled anger, fear, and depression. You learned about the 4 temperaments, their blends, strengths and weaknesses. I would recommend this as a beneficial resource for anyone interested in a uniquely Christian perspective on drives the actions and style of people – themselves or others.

This was recommended to me by the pastor who married my husband and I. I occasionally found myself annoyed with his language about self-pity, but that may be more to do with my proneness to do that exactly. See 1 question about Spirit-Controlled Spkrit-controlled.


Clearly presented, easy to read and biblically sound. Flip Phlegmatic Calm, cool, slow, easy-going, wellbalanced temperament, never seems to get ruffled. Digitizing sponsor Internet Archive.

Strong-willed, self-disciplined, practical, leader, optimistic. Mar 27, Cathryn rated it it was amazing Shelves: Forever my love Margaret Hardisty Snippet view – Also it doesn’t just talk about the weaknesses or strengths of each trait, it is a well balanced book.

He tends to be decisive and opinionated, finding it easy to make decisions for himself as well as for others. What made tij difference?

Jan 16, Sarah Neumann rated it it was amazing Shelves: He has a well-organised mind, though details usually bore him. The Apostle Paul was a Choleric. Article adapted from JOY! How to Overcome Your Weaknesses. Many successfully develop their characters and improve their personalities, but it is doubtful that any are able to change basic temperament. On the upside it says change is possible and it points out how this is possible.

Sep 08, Tracy rated it it was amazing. While this book is certainly of clinical interest for the counseling professional or student, the writing is engaging and clear enough for a layperson. To do so he utilizes the ancient four temperaments: Meet the Four Basic Temperaments. He died days after he had a stroke on July 25, at the age of But as the book proceeds to explaining the different combinations of temperaments and what those combinations looks like, it really starts to hit home.

They are masters at anything that requires meticulous patient and daily routine. The best parts of the book were the beginning and the end – when he describes the characteristics of each temperament, the possible combinations there are 12and then how each temperament changes with the addition of the Holy Spirit.


Temperaments may not be “real” exactly, but human personalities do group themselves quite neatly along the lines described in this book.

Spirit-Controlled Temperament by Tim LaHaye

Of course, the book also helped me give grace to others, xpirit-controlled those who are so unlike me that I might previously have envied their gifts while simultaneously con I read this book years ago. But LaHaye yes that LaHaye drifts a little in the middle of the book as he talks about different worldly traits anger, fear, depression, etc. None of these things are “real” and certainly they cannot be proven with any evidence. Uploaded by Lahyae Tii on April 4, In sum, would take parts of the book with a grain of salt, but was refreshing to see a typology of personality melded against what the Spirit can do in relation to those personality types.

Spirit-controlled temperament

Since Cholerics femperament not by nature good delegators of responsibility; they tend to evaluate negatively the efforts of others.

As I read through the initial presentation of the four basis temperaments, I was thinking it seemed much too simplistic to be realistic. There are no reviews yet. Overall, I wasn’t particularly drawn to the concept of the four temperaments, though certainly the book does an adequate job of differentiating each in very accessible language.

It was amazing for someone of my particular temperament.