6 Feb This presentation is on Theory of Sphota. Sphota theory originally found in Sanskrit language. • This term is used in Sanskrit grammar. Sreekumar M. “A comparative study of Sphota theory of language and F.D. order to discuss the sphota theory of Bhartrhari we have to make a historical. Sphota Theory of Language [Harold G. Coward] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. One of the most significant attempts to understand.

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In this way Bhartrhari accounts for the complete continuum of cognition.

Bhartrihari (c. 450—510 C.E.)

Verse No- 50, 76,79,83,96,, We may re-interpret Indian philosophy as sphota theory of language from two principal traditions based on their different evaluations of language. It is verbal in that the lqnguage of the speaker causally operating via akahkfa, yogyatd and samnidhiwhich is conveyed by the words, has not yet ceased sphota theory of language function. See Prakasatman, Sabdanirpaya, pp. But how then are we to account for the past participle of bhu which is bhuta, bhutavan and other noun forms as bhuli etc.

To put it differently, llanguage is a replica of dhvani having phonetic features. Language, Its Nature and Function 3 that seems to express uniquely what we feel. In sphota theory of language the doctrine of sphoTa, Bhartrhari follows the tradition handed down by his predecessors like PataNjali and others.

Sphoṭa – Wikipedia

His continuous gaze is really a series of cognitions, each of which perceives the genuineness of the stone but with increasing clarity. If it is replied that memory holds the traces of the letters and or, this still does not help since, as only one thing can be cognized at a time in our mind, the memory traces will only replay the serial presentation of the original parts and no whole meaning will be generated.

It is always related to the sound dhvani. As for the langauge that a word is what is cognized sphota theory of language the auditory sense-organ, it is vitiated tbeory serious defects. The same theort true of inference and perception which can only know things in their gross forms. For an excellent recent evaluation of the Buddhist and the Nyaya viewpoints see Sphota theory of language.

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Language in the Brahmanical Tradition 35 all things sphota theory of language known in their essences, become established. In the same manner, from the distance we may perceive the sound and not the sphoTa.

Reason and Revelation in Advaita Vedanta, pp.

The memory impression or samskara is not seen but is a capacity or function which is inferred from the existence of the original phoneme. The argument this far has shown how words, their meanings and the relation between words and their meanings are all eternal. Nor do they accept the sphota theory of language of any common entity residing in them. Just as the phonemes are only unreal abstractions of the sphota theory of language, so also words are unreal abstractions of the sentence and the sentences unreal abstractions of the paragraph.

As a speaker, however, he utters the whole word in its differentiated appearance as a sequence of letters. To be more precise, the noted scholar T.

Subramania Iyer, karikd 18 ff, pp. The word principle, shabda Brahmanis not defined in terms of the temporal nature of sphota theory of language cognitive states, because it functions as the inherent, primordial ground of all cognitions.

Our speech takes the form of the basic structures of language, and grammar deals with this communicatively spoken language. lanvuage

What he has in mind may be a fact or a fantasy, but it exists as a unity and the word through which he communicates it also exists as a unity. For example, the word gauh which denotes cow is the verbal unit made up 1. Indian language speculation appears to contain a vast variety of views ranging from the extreme nominalism of the Buddhist to the realism of the Mimarhsa and the Nydya.


That is why PataNjali remarks that dhvani-s are actualized and euphemeral elements and attributes of sphoTa [x]. In traditional Sanskrit linguistic discourse e. Therefore, the nature of the relationship between the word and its meaning must be conventional and not natural. Many grammarians and modern scholars have misunderstood Bhartrhari’s position on the nature of sphoTa.

Sacred scriptures, religious injunctions, etc. D Joshi after studying carefully all the nine occurrences of the term sphoTa in the Sphota theory of language, has stated that:.

Gonda, The Vision of the Vedic Poets, p. It is through the sphota, which is activated by the pronunciation or hearing of the separate letters or words, that the meaning of the sentence is manifested as a whole.

Iyer bases his interpretation on the assumption that Bhartrhari is the author of the Vrlti as tradition maintains sphota theory of language, although he admits that this question is not yet finally settled.

In addition to this logical reason for rejection Carvaka also holds sphota theory of language sabda is unacceptable on epistemological grounds—that it is impossible for perceptual knowledge to be communicated. Bhartrihari’s explorations into the relations between language, thought and reality sphota theory of language contemporary philosophical concerns with meaning, language sphota theory of language, and communication, particularly in the work of Chomsky, Wittgenstein, Grice, and Austin.

These arguments and many others on this point are summarized by K.

It is the indirect sphota theory of language implied meaning which must be assumed when the abhidha or primary meaning does not make sense in order that the word will fit into the context in which it is found.