29 மார்ச் Soundarya Lahari – Sloka 32 – For ultimate attractive ability. Sanskrit Text: शिवश्शक्तिः कामः क्षितिरथ रविश्शीत किरणः. The Soundarya Lahari (Sanskrit: सौन्दर्यलहरी) meaning “The Wave of Beauty” is a . Soundaryalahari shloka and its translation · Kanchi Mutt Sri Jayendra Swamigal chanting Soundarya Lahari · Why one should chant Soundarya Lahari?. Download File: Telugu/Sri%20Devi/Dr%20Krovi%20Partha%20Sarathy/Soundarya%20Lahari% .

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Select All Clear All Save to: And make him fall in love with him. With jealousy and envy, sive sarigarardra taditarajane kutsanapara sarosa gaiigayam girisacarite vismayavatT harahibhyo bhlta sarasiruha saubhagya-jananl sakhTsu smera te mayi janani drstih sakaruna 1 1 51 1 1 51 Attracting all people Mother of the entire universe, The look from your soundarya lahari slokas in sanskrit, Is kind and filled with love, when looking at your Lord, Is filled with hatred at all sounddarya men.

Ishwara merges Brahma, Vishnu and Rudra within Himself and he himself merges in Sadashiva in whom everything remains dormant until the cycle is started again by your command indicated by the slight quivering of your eye-brows. From the mind of he who destroyed the three cities.

And therefore they both hide all the world, And make the danskrit light. Three different circles, And three slokaw lines. So every Sloka becomes a mantra which is associated soundarya lahari slokas in sanskrit Yantra.

53 053 Soundarya Lahari – Sloka 51.Mp3 by Dr Krovi Partha Sarathy

Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. With a thin pretty form. And also remind of the slkas, In your pretty neck, Where originates the three musical notes, Of Shadja, Madhyama and Gandhara. Taming bad people Yours escorts divine, Shout with concern at thee. From sloka 42 onwards, it is the description of the beauty of the Goddess from head to foot where the poetic genius of Shankara is brought to play.

From your eyes which are soundarya lahari slokas in sanskrit long, And have the glitter of slightly opened, Blue lotus flower divine.


And who is eoundarya soundarya lahari slokas in sanskrit to be served, That the destroying fire of the deluge, Shows prayerful harathi to the one. Wear the garland of the gem of thoughts. The Goddess of learning Sarasvati, Sitting at the tip of your tongue, Though white and sparkling like a crystal, Turns red like the ruby, Because of the color of your tongue. By Skanda and the elephant faced Ganesha, Destroy all our sorrows.

And the God of love, the enemy of your Lord, who was soundarya lahari slokas in sanskrit.

Retrieved 5 January According to which aspect one sees. Your Web browser is not enabled for JavaScript. To create in this mortal world. And arranged very close to one another. This page was last edited on 18 Januaryat Thus, he composed the Soundarya Lahari waves of beauty of the Devi. Of the Celestial tree. That spirit of mercy is in the form of, Curves in her hairs, In the form of natural sweetness in her smile. And achieved victory over frontal globes.

Try to see you through soundarya lahari slokas in sanskrit eyes your Lordthe great Shiva, And do penance to him and reach him through their mind. Resembling the lotus flower stalk, So that he can ask for protection for his remaining four heads. The three lucky lines on your neck, Soundarya lahari slokas in sanskrit remind one, Of the number of the well tied manifold thread, Tied during your marriage.

Soundarya lahari slokas in sanskrit in thine two mirror like cheeks. The wife of the creator. In your ears to which they are close by. And reenter in the morn when they open. Bewitching all others Oh daughter of the mountain, You who is the greatest among women.

Saundarya Lahari of Sri Sankaracharya. Is dulled by the incense and myrrh. Before your eyes close at night. Thus, verses 1 – 41 are the original work of Lord Shiva, shedding great light on the ancient rituals of TantraYantra and various powerful Mantra. The Journal of Asian Studies. For If joined opposite To the inverted half moon in your crown. In fact, it opens with the assertion that Only when Shiva is united with Shakti does he have the power to create. Getting of wealth Oh Goddess, who is the flag of the clan of Himalayas, Let your nose which is like a thin bamboo, Give us the blessings which are apt and near.


Your forehead is so beautiful and white that it is the second crescent moon on your crown. When that angry fire of look of Rudra, Burns the world, Then your look drenches it in mercy.

SAUNDARYALAHARI (SLOKAS 1 – 50) – Gleanings from Sanskrit Literature

Ramachander Yantras by Govinda Das Aghori www. Your word becoming a fact By nature slightly curled, And shining like the young honey bees Soundarya lahari slokas in sanskrit golden thread like hairs. He snatched the manuscript from him, tore it into two, took one part and gave the other to Shankara. These are highly technical and their esoteric meaning sloas sense only to those who tread the path indicated therein under the guidance of a competent guru.

To win, Rudra your lord, Has made your legs.

And the paste of soundarya lahari slokas in sanskrit applied there. You wear the chain with fame, Like you wear the fame of our Lord, Who destroyed the three cities. Are the nectar filled pot made of rubies, For The elephant faced one, And he who killed Kraunchasura, Even today do not know the pleasure of women, And remain as young children.