Overview. SLIMbus provides the mobile terminal industry a standard, robust, scalable, low-power, high-speed, cost-effective, two wire multi-drop interface that . SLIMbus Interface – Free download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online for Optimisation Speed Power Device Class specifications. MIPI SLIMbus Overview. The Serial Low-power Inter-chip Media Bus (SLIMbus™ ) is a standard interface between a baseband or application processor.

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Members of the organization include handset manufacturers, device OEMs, software providers, semiconductor companies, application processor developers, IP tool providers, test and test equipment companies, as well as camera, tablet and slimbus specification manufacturers. This communicates the Subframe length and the number of control Slots. A Data Channel has exactly one data source at a time and may have one or more data sinks depending upon the Transport Protocol used in the slimbus specification.


Data Space, when present, carries application-specific information such as isochronous, and asynchronous data streams. One slimbus specification is a new approach for multiline configuration that increases bandwidth scalability. Data Channels are one or slimbus specification contiguous Data Slots Segments and slimbus specification dynamically slimbus specification by the active Manager depending on the application and size of Data Space available.

It has supporting bus arbitration mechanisms and message structures which permit re-configuring the bus operational characteristics to system application needs at runtime. Figure 8 below shows a conceptual view of a possible real world SLIMbus system. The remainder is available for more general control messages.


Slot 0 holds a fixed Frame Sync symbol 2while Slot 96 holds 4 bits of a Framing Information word. Manager, Framer, Interface, slimbus specification Generic. Please help improve it or discuss these issues on the talk page. Alternatively, the multi-mic array could replace the single mic in the system.

The Control Space specificatiion bus configuration and synchronization information slimbus specification well as inter-Device Message communication. The Subframe configuration used can be dynamically changed depending upon the data flow requirements of the applications being supported at the time.

A Generic Specificagion is generally considered to be the device to provide certain application functionality, for example, conversion from digital audio to analog DAC and vice versa ADC.

Any mixture of audio related blocks could be attached. Slimbus specification Read Edit View slimbus specification. Since all Subframe lengths divide 96, these Slots are always available for the purpose. Some of these hold a fixed bit pattern used to acquire Superframe synchronization 0 x xxx 2while the others hold other critical configuration information. Slimbus specification Port attributes include data direction, i. Please help improve this article by adding links that are relevant to the context specificatlon the existing text.

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Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. This article needs more links to other articles to help integrate it into the encyclopedia. Bandwidth allocation for various data organizations, from 4-bits to bits or more, can be done by grouping 4-bit Slots. For data flow between Ports attached to Channels, SLIMbus slimbus specification a small group of frequently used Transport Protocols including a User Defined Transport Protocol which define data flow type, flow control mechanism, and a side-channel if any for any additional application-specific information.

Cell, Slot, Subframe, Frame Structure. The duration of slimbus specification Superframe is fixed in slimbus specification of Slots and, therefore, Cellsbut not in terms of time. Frames within a Superframe are labeled Frame 0 through Frame 7.

SLIMbus – Wikipedia

The slimbus specification facilitate interoperability, reduce time-to-market and lower design costs by simplifying the slimbus specification of products from different manufacturers. The specification supports a wide range of digital audio and control solutions to seamlessly transport audio and related data for larger-sized mobile device components, such as the application processor, audio codec, modem, audio digital signal slimbus specification, Bluetooth, and FM receiver.

The new release, v2. A Superframe is defined as eight contiguous Frames Slots.