Six Healing Sounds. by Mantak Chia. Everyone has heard stories about gifted beings who possess great healing powers. People seek out these gifted healers. The Six Healing Sounds (also called Liuzijue, or 六字诀 in Chinese) is a breathing technique devised by the ancient Chinese to improve health and promote. In comparison to Indian yoga techniques, the six healing sounds could be said to be . Based on Mantak Chia, Taoist Ways to Transform Stress into Vitality: The.

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Unfortunately, as we mature and encounter more stress in our daily lives, negative emotions such as fear, anger, cruelty, impatience, worry, sadness, and grief often predominate.

Slowly lower them to your lap so that they rest there, palms up. There is one way of drawing breath in and six ways of expelling breath out. Slowly lower the palms and bring them just in front of the chest, feeling the lungs’ aura. The Liver Sound The liver sound transforms the emotional energy inside the liver into kindness.

In Amir received a pardon recommendation that because of politics was illegally revoked. Lean forward and clasp your hands around your knees. For full details, refer to the works cited under Sources later in this article. Smile to the kidneys, six healing sounds mantak chia you imagine that you are still making the sound.

Feel this mist healing, balancing, and refreshing your kidneys and bladder, and picture them glowing a bright blue color. Six healing sounds mantak chia the dark and cloudy color and the cold energy exit from the tips of the fingers.


Grow more courage so that sadness and depression have less room to grow. Hoo, “‘who,’ with the lips rounded manta the tongue suspended in mid-mouth, as if blowing out a candle.

Put the tip of your tongue to the roof of the mouth, tighten the neck muscles, and swallow the saliva hard and quickly, making a gulping sound as you do. With the arms straight, feel the six healing sounds mantak chia at the back where the kidneys are; look up, and tilt the head back without straining.

With each inbreath, breathe fresh Chi mantqk your heart. Thankfully, that s not the case with the Six Healing Sounds. If in a group, this is usually done by chanting the same syllable over and over, or it can be done by chanting prayers. Beinfeld and Korngold define it as “an integrating function that ties together and harmonizes the physiologic processes of the primary Organ Networks. Regular daily practice of the Six Healing Sounds will help you keep in touch with the energetic and emotional state of your internal organs.

Slowly begin to inhale a deep breath as you extend your arms up from the cnia with your palms up. An audio clip of the healingg sounds six healing sounds mantak chia at http: Her, “as ‘her,’ but without the final ‘r,’ with mouth open, tip of tongue pressed against lower six healing sounds mantak chia, and syllable aspirating in the top of the throat on exhalation.

Inner Smile Practice Front Line 1. Float the arms down by gently lowering the shoulders. They work first time, every time. The Chinese say,” If you want water, you should go to the well.


Universal Healing Tao Article: Inner Smile and Six Healing Practices

Next, reverse the direction of the spiral and bring it back into the navel, circling it 24 times. With each outbreath, mentally make the lung sound and release any remaining sadness or hot energy.

Smile to it and feel it be warm, nice, clean, comfortable and calm. Keep your eyes closed.

Wh gutturally from the throat Emotions: Place hands palms-up on your thighs. Part your lips slightly, holding your jaw gently closed.

Six Healing Sounds

Imagine a yellow light shining upon and inside your spleen and six healing sounds mantak chia, surrounding them. Gently bring the arms back to the side by lowering the shoulders. Become aware of the heart and feel the tongue connected with the heart. You should feel your entire chest cavity filling with smiling, loving energy.

Universal Healing Tao Article: Six Healing Sound

The Proper sitting posture. Direct your Inner Smile’s eyesight. Slowly begin to inhale a deep breath as six healing sounds mantak chia extend your arms up from the sides with your palms up, as you did with the liver sound.

This area tends to become hot and is responsible for respiration and cardiovascular circulation. Six Healing Sounds Just about everybody in the modern world has to deal with some sort of stress. Kenneth Cohen says the practice is attributed to a six-century Buddhist hermit.