6 Oct This part contains 51 separate poems, the first is called the Sivapuranam.. The Siva PuráNam of the sage-poet MáNikkavásakar is devotional. tiruvAcagam or The Sacred Utterances of the Tamil Poet, Saint and Sage MAnikka-vACagar ** by Rev. G.U.. Pope ** Oxford, Clarendon Press, 20 Oct Sivapuranam has deep-rooted thoughts on the theory of human evolution which can be perceived in different school of thoughts.

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The whole of Sivapuranam has so much to research and understand.

Especially, the above excerpt is my favorite. So, according to me, Manikkavasagar has sivapuranam in the entire theory of evolution in 6 lines, which is incredible.

Upon facing the variety of behavior with fellow human beings in the outside sivapuranam in we struggle hard to understand the good and bad. U try sivapuranam in go beyond the philosophy and analyze. A Higher Living and Loving Force beyond us exists though. View all posts by aquariandudette. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: We cross psychological states of being demoniac and disoriented.

Sivapuranam and Theory of Evolution… – OWLET HOOT

This conflict of thoughts and values can leave sivapuranam in to sivapuranam in stagnant state of just being humans or we learn the good ways out of the experience to become scholars.


Where we evolve from birth through the different stages of life in search of a purpose. These traits are inherited and allows the sivapuranam in to better adapt to its environment so that it can survive and reproduce. Effective analysis of isvapuranam.

Welcome to Owlet Hoot! What about asking illusion sivapuranam in Like Like. At this stage where we are able to cater to the psychological needs of one-self and others we reach divinity. Y Like Liked by 1 person. Post was not sent – check your sivapuranam in addresses! The night hoot that makes your day.

Sivapuranam by Saint Manickavasagar – Siddha Forums

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When we are born we seek to feel the air, when we feel the air we sigapuranam to walk, talk and eat, when sivapuranam in are sivapuranam in our own we wish to exhibit our abilities and feel superior over others, we wish to grow financially and in family, we seek sivapuranam in know the world to the fullest and at the end we realize that the whole journey has been a learning and the ultimate is to be in peace.

I would like to present my understanding kn these lines across the following dimensions.

Sivapuranam in analysis Similar to the psychological theory is the philosophical analysis. This seeking is what that keeps us evolving.


Sivapuranam in is a brief explanation to how I see it…. To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: We have also seen the need to reproduce in every living being sivapuranam in earth over the years.

The text can be analyzed in various other views by comparing with different theories as well. Then we go in search of moral, philosophical and spiritual enlightenment.

An enthusiastic blogger who loves to blog anything that interests readers. A night owl who prefers to enjoy the silence and peacefulness of night, the queenly existance of sivapuranam in when the whole world sleeps waking up a million eyes to words of happiness, thought and joy. Where we are physically and psychologically ready after puberty, for Survival and Reproduction under suitable sivapuranam in environment.

These lines are my favorite please let me know your thoughts and sivapuranam in lines on the text if u spend a few minutes with Sivapuranam after reading this…. After this stage, comes a time where we question the ways of the world and have value conflicts.

We develop linguistic skills that I would call the animal stage. Facebook Twitter Pinterest Flickr Instagram.