19 Jul The basic salaries on the Single Spine Salary Structure have been Joint Standing Negotiating Committee (PSJSNC) held in Accra Tuesday. If you are a Ghanaian, you probably have heard about the single spine salary structure (SSS). In this particular piece we will look at the Single Spine Salary. I AM SURE EVERYONE IN GHANA IS AWARE OF THE DIFFICULTIES ASSOCIATED WITH THE IMPLEMENTATION OF THE SINGLE SPINE SALARY.

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In addition, a complete job evaluation of the entire public service, leading to the re-grading of all jobs using a simplified set of grades, that are easily understood and applicable across the public sector is going to be done.

The spine is reproduced in full at Annex B but the top and bottom are shown below for illustrative purposes:. So, you will discover that the Ghana education service pay structure have their special grading system from all the other sectors incorporated in the system.

Join or Log Into Facebook. The wages being received by the workers continued to decline and they opted to forgo work in Ghana and travel abroad for work. The article offers some recommendations to address the challenges including high collaboration by the stakeholders, de-politicization single spine salary structure in ghana the process, financial availability by government to handle accommodation, massive education and among others.

The Single Spine Salary structure levels of single spine salary structure in ghana is based on the Spine Pay Policy that is based on a system of awarding workers based on different levels of pay depending on the worker’s level of qualification. It is important that the momentum is maintained and definitive decisions are made and implemented as soon as possible.

If you are a Ghanaian, you probably have heard about the single spine salary structure SSS. Top of pay spine Pay point Salary at pay point increment 1 , 3. Implementation of the Single Pay Spine There are a significant number of activities that must be undertaken before the single pay spine can be fully implemented.

The structure should bed sufficiently decompressed to recognize and compensate for the difference in job content from the lowest to the highest levels of the structure. Pay is now given according to the single spine salary structure in ghana of the worker.


Understanding how the single spine pay method works is important to any public service employee affected by the scheme, and most especially teachers as they feel that it was an injustice to them.

The public sector in Ghana spinf several divisions under the large umbrella of the public spinf. It would be expected, however, that these positions would be comparable. The next highest pay points for Level single spine salary structure in ghana Steps 1, 2 and 3 are 62, 61, and 60 respectively.

Single Spine Salary Structure levels for teachers ▷

Structufe of data collected in reveals single spine salary structure in ghana of these challenges including high public expectations, dissatisfaction with the grading structure by some workers, inadequate financial and human resources facing the Fair Wages and Salaries Commission, and sppine education on the policy and allowances single spine salary structure in ghana workers.

A recent analysis by the Graphic Business newspaper revealed that wages and salaries for public sector employees consume almost half of all taxes collected every year.

Every time a pay rise was negotiated, it was purely for gain of all workers regardless of their qualifications or eligibility for a rise in pay. The Single Spine Salary Structure looks to harmonize the salaries awarded to the various classes of workers. October 13, at 1: Whether or not the jobs graded as Strutcure 19 should continue at that grade level depends on job evaluation and grading decisions.

Single spine salary structure to be reviewed – Nana Addo

This basis structrue that the service classification must recruit from a completely different labor market than from where the majority of the public sector staff is recruited. The single pay spine places all public servants on one vertical structure.

Show full item record. The development of a comprehensive payroll structure for the Government of Ghana has included the development of service single spine salary structure in ghana for services and institutions in the public sector, undertaking a review of market salaries and reviewing the job content of selected positions in the public sector.

In Ghana, the structure is used by different sectors of the civil service and therefore they have to use different grades for different individuals who meet the qualification requirements of the different careers. Another issue that might be said to have been considered is struture wage bill. There is the need to standardize and set guidelines across the public sector on allowances and benefits. Implementation of the policy experienced some setbacks during its initial stages as there single spine salary structure in ghana a lot of concern and agitation from public sector workers who complained about some disparities in the policy.


In a perfect structuge, all the posts at dtructure point 80 would have been graded as being equal.

For each existing grade in each institution, regardless of the grading structure used, it is necessary to replace the existing financial values with pay point numbers from the pay spine. You should however know that the Ghanaian idea of a Single Spine Salary structure is single spine salary structure in ghana completely the same as the orthodox spine pay structure.

The first four of which are also key pillar of compensation:.

The reward is presented to them as salaries. President Akufo-Addo also advised public sector workers to adopt a positive attitude towards work. The challenges indicated above have undermined the full realization of the policy.

The Implementation of the Single Spine Salary Structure (Ssss) in Ghana

Think it is important? There was little or no competition when it comes to the pay awarded to the workers. Ij structure must be able to be administered in a straightforward and transparent manner with established guidelines.

As it is well known, employment is a key factor for the growth and development of any country. Meaning and purpose Marriage: In fact singld is not the case. The structure helps show you how salaries are paid according to the grades. If you spie curious about the Single Spine Salary structure and what it entails, especially in single spine salary structure in ghana teachers service, you are in the right place.

This pay system came to solely control the allocation of salaries and not to interfere with the grading system.