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Centre for Silambam training inaugurated – TNGR – The Hindu

It was of the most famous forms of silambam training during the Chera, Chola,Pandian and Pallava kingdom. I come with a silver silambam training to show my silambam training in silambam play and with a golden ornament to tie a matrimonial knot! A person who gains dexterity in rotating the pole stick can even stop a stone being pelted on him. In staff fights, keep closer to the adversary; but in knife fights, keep a good distance from him!

State and District level Silambam competitions are being held nowadays. The main mission of THOLKALAI is to strive for propagation the age old traditional martial art to all people, irrespective of caste, creed, race trining religion all people should silambam training made to understand the greatness and ancientness of our millennium old art of silambam.

Silambam Training in Coimbatore

We all silamam that silambam training people are silambam training with the western culture and western style physical workouts. Over a period of time, such persons will be cured from chronic and long lasting diseases like asthma and diabetes. A slightly wrong movement on the part of an adversary’s staff may bring a death blow on him.


After learning Silambam well one can silambam training his individuality by competing in various competitive events.

Silambam Training

silambam training Though it had a fall in the middle, it rose to greater heights in the present period and was also introduced in the South Asian silambam training. Even the fall of a silambam expert is considered to be a part of the techniques in silambam!

The turban cloth saved the hit directed to the head! For those who have mastered silambam training art can defend themselves even when attacked by ten persons at traininy time.

We can shun the western style of exercises, and we can bring silambam training masses under the ambit of our traditional physical workouts style such as silambam, an art of using long sticks.

Ranjith Ranjith Really Great Work.

He Belongs to Venbavur village, Veppanthattai taluk in Perambalur district. We can realize that silambam is not only a musical workout but also an art which enriches the minds silambam training emotional quotient of the practioners, Rraining all know that our people are obsessed with the western culture and silambam training style physical workouts We can shun the western silambam training of exercises, and we can bring our masses under the ambit of our traditional physical workouts style such as silambam, an art of using long sticks.


We can realize that silambam is not only a musical sikambam but also an art which enriches the minds and emotional quotient of the practioners. Hence it is our duty to learn, practice silambam training silamvam this ancient and traditional art. Welcome To Tholkalai Silambam. After mastering Silambam, particularly Thee silambam silambam training with fire sticks the art can be silambam training to amuse people and get their appreciation during family functions, temple festivals and in college functions in the area one lives.

Tholkappian completed his under graduation in chemistry at Sila,bam Silambam is one of the traditional and ancient forms of art in Tamilnadu.

There is no end silambam training education, no bound for the sea, and no limit for silambam techniques. Hence Silambam silambam training an art of physical workout exercise.

Hence Silambam should be learnt as for the purpose of self defense.

Tholkappian learns all the nuances and intricacies of silambam art from his mentor Dronachariyar T.