Sri Sai Baba’s staunch devotees Shri Ganpat Rao Dattatray Sahasrabude Rao Tendulkar had also written a book named ‘Shri Sai Nath Bhajan Mala’. 9 Nov named “Shri Sainath Bhajan Mala” containing abhangas and padas describing the Leelas of Baba. It is a book worth reading by those who. pdf – Bhajan Mala Hktu ekyk Bhajan Mala mek xqj[kk Internet Edition: I BOW IN REVERENCE TO THE MOST VENERABLE GURU SHRI SAINATH! 1.

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Now the question arises, when God, Parmatma The Supreme Being is there and is formless and omnipresent then why is it necessary for Him to take human form in order to achieve any objective?

After seeing him, Shri Kaka Saheb thought for a while and then gave him some coins. Madhav Rao Deshpande alias Shama was his teacher. After some days, when he went to Ville Parle to see his wife and children, he came to know that on the day Baba had spoken these words, his 7 year old daughter met with an accident.

This is known as Shravan-Manan of God’s divine activities.

Baba patted them lovingly and purchased them for Rs. He was seen leading a saintly life on earth just 80 years ago.

Suhaas replied very intelligently, “Doctor Kaka, Sai Baba is here only. It was decided to conduct this test the very next day The next day the operation could not be done as firstly, Suhaas ate breakfast whereas the test was to be done on an empty stomach and secondly, Suhaas’s father got stuck with some urgent work and could not be present. Baba kept all the pieces of bread collected by him in a vessel kept in the Masjid and covered it with a tin lid. It was obvious from his appearance that he was very poor.


Dear children, you are fortunate to get a special place in Baba’s heart only because of your good deeds karmas. He saniath there for one full week and the Naamsaptah.

Shri Sainath Bhajan

After a few days, a lady wearing green bangles came to Gopal Rao from the village of Pathardi Gaon. His new place was under the Neem tree. After getting to know Baba they repented for committing their earlier mistakes.

You should have a firm determination to walk the path shown to us all by Baba Himself. Thus I am writing this letter to you. He could easily be boycotted from his caste. After lunch, he did not even hesitate in picking up our soiled utensils.

The Fakir took his prong and thrust it into the ground and when he pulled it outside, there was a burning coal that came outside along with it which was put on the Chillum. His school was inside the Hanuman temple.

Shri Sainath Bhajan – eBook and Manual Free download

May 01, One hhajan her foot slipped and she fell into the well. You were the same saint of Kashi – Saint Ramanand in your previous birth. After obtaining Baba’s permission, Jaykar made four portraits instead of one.


If you would like to spend it on anything else, you can take my advice by speaking to Baba as you will find me in Him. Put some pieces of meat in his bag and let him go. Tatya repeated this incident a couple of times, but then quit doing so thinking that he might hurt Baba. Baba also used to play Fagoodi with Tatya. bhajxn

Shri Sainath Bhajan

Baba sent for Tatya to see this. Veerbhadrappa had no right on this amount. Upon moving forward he found that a snake had caught the frog in its mouth. On seeing the bhajab who was cutting the meat the Brahmin wandered and thought in his mind if Babe was actually a Saint.

Shri Sai Baba

I was really tired so Sainatg decided to take rest near the river. But mark my words, he will change Shirdi. He called Mhalsapati and said, “Oh! When they reached the Masjid, in the afternoon, Baba asked the boy to sit on the mat besides Him and not to move without His permission.

Sai baba bless you.