Be it any sahasranama (Vishnu,Lalitha, or shiva) – The basic principle behind Chanting this stotra in brahma muhurt 3–5 times daily gives astonishing results. The complete Sri Shiva Sahasranama Stotra chanted in Sanskrit in MP3 format. The Shiva Sahasranama is found in Shiv Mahapuranam and many other scriptures In this app Sahasranamam is presented in English,Telugu,Hindi, Kannada.

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Bhaktaanaam Paramaagatayae, The Lord is the Supreme goal and shelter for his devotees Teerthadaevaay, One who is the sacred power in every shrine Ityai, The Lord is Lakshmi, auspiciousness Sarvalokakrutae, The Lord is the creator of all the worlds Puraanaay, He is most ancient Chandaninae, One whose body is covered with sandalwood paste Sushaaradaay, The Lord has excellent speech Saankhyaprasaadaay, One who is attained through knowledge Chandravaktraay, Who holds the curved moon on His head, Whose shiva sahasranama stotram in lovely shiva sahasranama stotram the moon Posted December 20, Bakulaay, The Lord is fragrant like the bakulaa flowers Vrushanaay, The Lord is the embodiment of righteousness, Dharma Eeshwaraay, The Lord stores the actions of all beings, so as to give them the appropriate fruits of their actions Yugakaraay, The Lord in the creator of the Yugas or time periods, from whom eternal time flows shiva sahasranama stotram Nipaatitae, The Lord falls into the pit called the body ignorance and desire Shiva sahasranama stotram, One who has conquered His desires Adhiivruddhaay, The Lord is extremely superior in virtues, knowledge, and wisdom Samaramadanaay, He is the crusher of the foes Maalinae, One who wears a garland of flowers Sarvagyaay, All pervading, Omniscient, who is all knowing Sarvagaay, Everything is pervaded by the Lord Mahaantakaay, The Lord is the greatest Destroyer in whom everything merges at the time of dissolution Vrushrupaay, He who is righteousness, Vrush means dharma The Lord is the very essence of dharma.

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Sarvalaalasaay, The Lord is the friend of the Universe Mahaamaayaay, The Lord creates the greatest illusion Maaya Shuchayae, The Lord has a pure heart Taalaay, The Lord has the knowledge of the deepest point in the ocean, shiva sahasranama stotram the Lord has the knowledge of everything – High and Low Suvigyaeyaay, One who is easy to comprehend Sarvadaehinaamindrinaay, One who dwells in all creatures as the master of the senses Harinaay, The Lord is pure free from any stainsOR fair in color Pakshinae, The Lord shiva sahasranama stotram the King of the birds – Garuda Vyavasaayaay, The Lord is the energy which is the cause of victory Shashtibhaagaay, The Lord is the very power, glory of the sixty tattwas of the universe Pravah, One who is foremost, One who makes the winds to move 6.

This page was last edited on 23 Julyat Saamaasyaay, The Lord has the Saaman hymns for His mouths Mahakaayaay, Who has a vast body atotram Sarvkaroah, One who is the Creator shiva sahasranama stotram all, One who is the subtler doer of all actions.


Manojavaay, One who travels at the speed of the mind for His shiva sahasranama stotram Mahaadamshtraay, One with great and fearful teeth.

Kaalaay, The Lord is Time or Kaal, the destroyer Mahaaroemnae, The Shivz has vast bristles hair on the body in the Boar incarnation Bahuprasaadaay, Shiva sahasranama stotram giver of the highest grace Padmanaabhaay, The Lord holds the World lotus shiva sahasranama stotram His navel Kapaalavatae, Kapaal means skull, Whiva who holds a skull Priyaay, One who is loved by all Yojyaay, One who merges Himself in the Absolute Sarvaayudhaay, The Lord is the form of all the weapons Satkrutaay, The Lord is revered, respected, honored by all Nidhayae, The Lord is the possessor of inexhaustible treasures and felicities