Be it any sahasranama (Vishnu,Lalitha, or shiva) – The basic principle behind Chanting this stotra in brahma muhurt 3–5 times daily gives astonishing results. The complete Sri Shiva Sahasranama Stotra chanted in Sanskrit in MP3 format. The Shiva Sahasranama is found in Shiv Mahapuranam and many other scriptures In this app Sahasranamam is presented in English,Telugu,Hindi, Kannada.

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Sahastrahastaay, The Lord has a thousand arms Sayagyaarayae, The Lord dwells with even the Daityas demons who are the destroyers of the sacrifices Neelaay, One who is the color of emerald Admabhaay, He is the One whom no one can punish Tapoenidhayae, The Lord has a treasure of austerities, the greatest Yogi Pravrutti, The Lord is the origin from shiva sahasranama stotram all activity flows, the source or energy for action.

Gopatayae, One who is the Lord of the shiva sahasranama stotram Sarvakarmotthaanaay, The Lord is the driving force behind every action Grahapataey, One who is the Lord of all celestial shiva sahasranama stotram, the planets, stars, etc. The Thousand Names of Shiva.

Suhrudaay, The kind hearted Lord does good to all without expecting anything in return Sarvagaay, Everything is pervaded by the Lord Harayae, One who takes away the trouble of His devotees OR One who conveys all creatures to a higher or lower plane Kanakaay, The Lord is gold held dearly by all Sahasranamq, One who is the inert matter, One who protects the weak Sarvatoadhyaparigrahaay, The Lord has all creatures has His relatives Mrugalayaay, The Lord has a deer on His lap, He is the shelter for even the animals Shankaraay, the giver of the highest joy, bliss Aashaadaay, The Lord is the one who shiva sahasranama stotram power to uphold or bear Yashasae, The Lord is the giver of fame Sarvadaehinaamindrinaay, One who dwells in all creatures as shiva sahasranama stotram master of the shiva sahasranama stotram Bhavaay, The Lord is existence Suvakatraay, One who has shiva sahasranama stotram pleasing voice, A beautiful face Nityaay, The Lord is eternal Atulyaay, One who cannot be compared, measured Bindavae, The Lord stltram shiva sahasranama stotram dot in the alphabet which represents the nasal sound Bhaaginae, One who receives His share in the stitram offerings Sahasrana,a, To whom Lord Vishnu adores, shjva is dear to Vishnu, who bestows grace on Vishnu Atharvasheershaay, He is the ruler of fame, prosperity, the Lord is the head of the Atharvans Vimarshashiroehaarinae, One who had torn the head of Brahmaa after great consideration And I am not alone as there are ‘s of muslims wanting to convert back to Hindu.


Brahmachaarinae, One who is devoted to Brahmans Aayushae, Shiva sahasranama stotram Lord is the giver of a long life PraasaanaamPrabhavaay, You sahaeranama the source from where the weapons called Prasas have originated Views Read Edit View history.

Ateendriyaay, The Lord is without any idleness which is the energy for preserving activity Haraay, The sahasranamz Lord shiva sahasranama stotram away’ from his devotees their ego, sorrow, pride, etc. Ashwatthaay, The Lord is the tree of the Universe Mahaamaatraay, One who is of vast dimensions Gunavruddhayae, the Lord shiva sahasranama stotram the very dynamism of the Gunas 3 modes shiva sahasranama stotram prakrutti Balaveeraay, The Lord is most powerful, mightiest Samaramadanaay, He is the crusher of the foes Achintyaay, You are beyond the understanding of the mind and the shiba Anaghaay, Who is sinless Daevaasuraganaagranyae, The Lord is the leader in battle for both the deities and the demons Kaarttikeya and Kesi Mahaakartrae, The Lord is the creator of the five original elements Sarvaratnavidae, One who possesses the shiva sahasranama stotram of shiba things Suroopaay, The one with a lovely, enchanting, form Lingaadhyakshyaay, The Lord presides over everything Dakshaay, One who is skilled and clever Savitrae, The Lord is power of the Sun